Workshops with Children & Adults

Hacker Junk Mosaic workshops are available to come to schools!
For more information contact:
Somerville Public Library (MA)'s photo.

Somerville Public Library (MA)'s photo.

Sun July 13th  3 pm-

Assembly Row’s ‘Art in the Park’
Hacker Junk Mosaics will be offered on
Sun July 13th  2- 3 pm (?)  as part of the six week series of free art lessons hosted along the Mystic River in the newly opened Baxter Riverfront Park. 300 Grand Union Blvd.

Somerville Public Library (MA)'s Sunday's Library Maker Faire
 for children and families at the Central Library, where 25 mosaics
 were made using recycled computer pieces and other found objects.
 Looks like a perfectly fun thing to do during school vacation! Thank you,
 Melissa Glick, for your great program, and Children's Network,
 for funding it!

Gately After School February 3 & 10
The Cambridge Public School's
Creativity Commons project
Cambridge Art Association

   Watertown Arsenal Center for the Arts
   ART ADVENTURES (Grades K-1)C24
   An exploration of drawing and painting, using many materials; a variety of 2D  and 3D formats and lots of imagination.
Somerville Public Library (MA) Feb. 19, 2014
School Vacation Program at the Central Library
Hacker Mobiles

Sunday, August 25, 12 - 3 pm at Artisan's Asylum

Leonard Bernstein Festival, Brandeis University April 28th
The first beautiful sunny day! Making mosaics out doors  with kids, parents
 & students.  The day was full of energy, music and fun.
Thanks Ingrid Schorr for inviting me!

Cambridge Science Festival: DIY Fair at Artisan's Asylum - April 14, 2013

With 700 in attendance, the junk mosaic area was crowded with excited young hackers! One young lady used purple glue to turn suction cups found under the keyboard into flowers on a field of blue stars. The Take it Apart table was also always full.

Somerville's first Mini Maker Faire held Sat. Oct. 13, 2012 was a big success.
weather was beautiful the crowd was big and enthusiastic.
I held a workshop called Hacker Junk Mosaics. After the waves
of children and
parents, came some grown ups who really got
 into it, spending a long time. It was dark by thetime we packed up.
 A lot
of great mosaics were made
and everyone really enjoyed it.

 The One, Two, 3D Saturday, Jan. 12th 2 - 4 PM workshop was a great success. Attended by 2 kids and 5 adults, three of which chose to work on a plexiglass surface. One took advantage of the cut out shape by mounting an image of an atomic bomb blast behind behind it and attached 2 additional strips of plexi at an angles reminiscent of a Mad Men era advertisement. The workshop was structured around a slide show of related images of work by Picasso, Duchamp, Joseph Cornell, Louise Nevelson and Nam June Paik, highlighting the role of shape, color and pattern and the interaction between 2D and 3D materials. In another piece the theme of the triangle was boldly captured in the surface shape, images of mountain peaks, a landscape, towers and steeples. The youngest participant said his work was inspired by a" pin ball machine" which had leopard spots, gears and stellar imagery. Overall it was a fun afternoon of trying something new and solving a creative challenge using objects and glue!


Somerville Public Library (MA)'s photo.
Somerville Public Library (MA)'s photo.

Arsenal Center for the Arts