Melissa Porras Prado

Associate Professor in Finance
NOVO BANCO Entrepreneurship & Technology Chair
Academic Director of the Master in Finance
Nova School of Business and Economics

I am a Research Affiliate at CEPR


Contact Information
Nova School of Business and Economics
Campus de Carcavelos
Rua da Holanda, 1
2775-405 Carcavelos, Portugal

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Capital Commitment and Investment Decisions: The Role of Mutual Fund Charges (with Juan Pedro Gomez and Rafael Zambrana)

On the 15th annual VSB Mid-Atlantic Research Conference Program

The Performance of Diverse Teams: Evidence from U.S. Mutual Funds(with Richard B. Evans, A. Emanuele Rizzo, and Rafael Zambrana) (CEPR Discussion Paper DP14305)

Presented at WFA (2020)