Melissa's Personal Page

It matters not what you own, but who you are to those who care about you. 

My two greatest accomplishments in life.

The goings on in my crazy busy life!!!! 

  • I have gotten a job as a third grade teacher!  All of my hard work has paid off and I will be working this year in my daughter's school!  I am very excited and cannot wait to get started!  I have missed working with children and I am so ready to work with them again. 
  • I am very involved in my daughter's school - I volunteer for Math Superstars, I am on the PTO and I am co-chair of the SAC.
  • I am a co-leader of my daughter's Girl Scout troop.  There are 15 girls currently in the Brownie Troop.  We went to see Kung Fu Panda with the troop.  It was a great movie and the girls behaved wonderfully!  We are in the midst of planning another summertime outing.  
  • I am a member of the local MOPS organization through my church.  I love this group of women - they are caring, supportive, and full of the humor of life with young children!  We are similar in our faith, support each other, and really have a good time.
  • I am now a certified elementary school teacher! I passed all of the exams for the state of Florida and completed my certification program with straight A's!!!!  It was hard work, but I am now ready to be a teacher.  I cannot wait to start my new career!

 My two beautiful girls and my nephew!


Favorite Websites!!!!

This is the group my daughter sings with - they are awesome!

This helps you build your vocabulary and feed hungry people for free!  Can't get any bettter than that!

All the national information for Girl Scouts you could need!

This is our church and we love it!  Come and join us one day!

This is a wonderful group of women who are caring and supportive.  I am thankful to have met every one of them!  It helps me get through my days to know someone else understands what it is to be a mom!

If you like to listen to music while on your computer, but don't want to wake the kids from their nap this is the site!  It starts with a song you like and then searches for other similar songs!

I like this site for the cost factor!  Everything is a buck - and for those of us who rarely wear makeup this is a great price!