Research Experience

This summer (2009), I will be working in the research lab of Dr. Casim Sarkar at University of Pennsylvania.  I will be working on two  basic projects.  The first one deals with protein engineering utilizing the process of ribosome display.  I will work with a grad student and help her with her work on evolving a protein that is a strong binder to insulin.  I will learn all the steps of ribosome display and eventually perform a round on my own.  The other project that I will be involved in is working on a lab that was created by Dr. Sarkar for one of his undergraduate courses.  The premise of this experiment is protein purification where the students will quantify the generational time of bacterial cells and produce recombinant proteins within these cells.  There are several different ways to set up this experiment and 3 different variables.  I will be responsible for testing a variety of combinations to see what the results are.  Basically I will be refining the lab so that he can better use it next semester.   
Below is a summary of the procedure of Ribosome Display.  Note the step: Selection by Binding.