The Nile River Valley wrote in hieroglyphics, which meant "the words of the gods

The Nile River Valley was polytheistic, which meant they believed in multiple gods and goddesses

  • In the Nile River Valley government, the all around ruler of the people was the Pharaoh. 
  • The Pharaoh was believed to be a god, which gave him complete control over everything in his empire. 
  • The Nile was also a theocracy, controlled by the clergy. Almost always the priests were                                the Pharaoh's advisers.
  • They were the only ones considered to be worthy to carry out the god-king's commands.They also used dynasties, which which was where a series of rulers came from one family. 

The Nile River Valley used the Nile for food and water, 
it was also the source of irrigation for the farmers. 
The river was used greatly for trade and travel,
and was also used as protection.

Sinking Sun (by MalNino)