I was born and raised in quiet northeastern Pennsylvania, 
    escaped at a tender age and have not spent much time looking 
    back.  However, it must have left some impression... 12 years of 
    catholic school in a town with only history going for it is not easy 
    to forget.

    Currently, I reside in the Tampa Bay area of Florida where soak 
    up as little sun as possible, and get to the beach when I can. Mostly 
    I enjoy the rainstorms, the lack of a real winter, and the transient 
    nature of this town.

    For a living I raise butterflies and enjoy that about 99% of the 
    time. Managing a garden / ecosystem / lab requires a good 
    amount of time, patience, observation, and pure luck. The world 
    of the non-profit attraction takes some getting used to but you do 
    find some of the most interesting people drawn to it.

    On the side I seem to have more hobbies than I can count. I enjoy 
    calligraphy, illumination, making art, reading, poetry, theatre, 
    fine wine, excellent gin, indy films, dancing 
    in Ybor clubs, dive bars, live music, playing cards, writing poetry 
    and any form of debate. I am also an active member of the Society 
    for Creative Anachronism, which seems to take up a lot of my