The Melbourne Knight Raiders cricket team is comprised of professionals from the Bengali diaspora in Melbourne. The vision of its founding members is to build a team of cricket lovers that meets on weekends for a couple of hours of cricket and fun. It is envisaged that this team would grow to sixteen members, that would then go onto compete in the Super 8's and bring glory to the great land of their forebearers.


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Indoor cricket is democracy in action --- every bowler gets 2 overs and every batsmen gets 4 overs.

Court and Pitch

  • The size of the indoor  cricket  court  is  30 meters by 10 meters with  nets surrounding  the court. 
  • The ground is concert with astro turf on top. 
  • The cricket pitch is the same length as normal cricket. 
  • The ball used is a tennis ball with a cricket ball casing.

Batting and Bowling

  • The game is played usually over 12 overs a side.
  • Bowlers can bowl only 2 overs.
  • The batsman can bat for only 4 overs and stays until he has completed all of 4 overs --- even if he loses his wicket.
  • A loss of a wicket results in a 3 run penalty.
  • Some sections of the court have pre-assigned runs such as 2, 4 and 6. Thus, one can obtain easy runs by aiming for them.
  • You  get  additional runs  by  hitting  the  ball and  running between the wickets.
  • If no run is taken in 3 consecutive balls, then a wicket is deemed to have been lost and a run penalty is applied.
  • There are usually no LBWs (depends on the umpire).
  • A penalty of 2 runs is applied for a no ball or a wide.
  • Even  if the ball hits the boundary for 4 or 6 runs, the batsmen can run between the wickets for additional runs.
  • You can get caught out off the net anywhere