About Us

The Melbourne Howlers Full Moon Hash House Harriers are a group of cross-country runners who enjoy getting out of the suburban area into the Australian bush to explore bushland and enjoy a great run within a drive of about one hour from the Melbourne CBD. We follow the running traditions of the original Malaysian Hash House Harriers with some modifications.  

 The Run
Runs are set on the Sunday nearest the full moon and commence at 3.00 p.m. in winter and at 4.00 p.m. during daylight saving time. Two runs are set from the starting point.
The main run is of duration about one to one and a half hours, and we have a shorter and easier trail for those who choose to walk. The Hare sets the runs and provides bread and salad.
The hare is also responsible for the write up of the run on the following month.

 What You Need to Bring

We welcome all and there are no fees. However you will need to bring your own meat to cook on the BBQ facilities provided by the hare and suitable drinks for yourself and also to contibute to the Grogmaster for any charges that may be brought against miscreants. 

By attending our monthly outings, you undertake not to hold the organisers, any affiliated individuals or the managers and owners of properties you traverse, responsible for any injuries, or mishaps whatsoever, and accept full responsibility for all your own actions. 

If you choose to run with us, you must agree and accept that the MHFMHHH Committee, the hare(s) duly appointed by the Committee, and the owners of the land and property where the run will take place will take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and well being of the participants, but accept no liability for any injury, damage or loss, however these may occur. You will also not hold the committee, its members or any affiliated person(s) responsible for any accident, loss, damages or injury sustained by yourself before, during or after the run. 
Grand Master GM - Mike "Pol Pot" Hodgson0407 263 502 michael.hodgson@hyderconsulting.com  
On Sec - Simon "Lubang Oz" Wreford - 03 9853 6366 - wrefo@hotmail.com
Joint Grogmasters - Larry "Motamouth" Andreatta- 0400 940 120 - larry.andreatta@bigpond.com and Dr Dementia: brianwalsh44@yahoo.com.au

Sergeant - Jack "Phantom" Walker - 0414 839 746  jack.walker@baesystems.com

Webmaster - Alan "Canny" McCann - 0417 330076 - alan.mccann@jhg.com.au


05-Jul-15187 Mike (Pol Pot) Hodgson  Hampton Foreshore, Hampton 3:00pm
02-Aug-15188 Lee (Big Ears) Hazelwood & Leanne (Free Beers) Holland Mt Cannibal, Garfield North 3:00pm
30-Aug-15189 Jack (Phantom) Walker Churchill Park, Rowville 3:00pm
27-Sep-15190 Ray (RS) Smith  Templestowe 34E23:00pm
25-Oct-15191 Annie (Firecracker) & Phil (Morals) Vertue Hillview Community Centre, Dromana 160 - A94:00pm
22-Nov-15192 Nick(Nickel) & Lai Fan (Lotsa Fun) Leicester You Yangs Page 11 C114:00pm
20-Dec-15193 Larry (Motamouth) Andreatta & Brian (Dr Dementia) Walsh CurraWong Bush Park, Warrandyte 34 H74:00pm
24-Jan-16194 Prickly Bush & Deeper OB Langwarrin Reserve 103 D104:00pm
21-Feb-16195 John (Klingon) Perkins 73 McIntyres Road, Park Orchards 35 A104:00pm
 Joan(3 Speed) & Alan (Canny) McCann
 Four Brothers Rocks, Bunyip State Park Page 14 R124:00pm
17-Apr-16197 John Cockup & Judy Punch Leckie Lake Merrimu Page 73:00pm
15-May-16198 Ray (RS) Smith & George (Non stop) Susil Cape Schank 259 J72.30pm
19-Jun-16199 Larry (Motamouth) Andreatta & Brian (Dr Dementia) Walsh CurraWong Bush Park, Warrandyte 34 H73:00pm
 17 July 16 200 Mike (Pol Pot) Hodgson & Jack (Phantom) Walker AGM  


17-Jul-16 200 Mike (Pol Pot) Hodgson & Jack (Phantom) Walker One Tree Hill Ferntree Gully (AGM)   3:00pm
21-Aug-16 201 Vijai (Yogi Bear) & Puran (Boo Boo) Singh TBA   3:00pm
18-Sep-16 202       3:00pm
16-Oct-16 203 Bandung Barry     4:00pm
13-Nov-16 204       4:00pm
11-Dec-16 205       4:00pm
15-Jan-17 206       4:00pm
12-Feb-17 207       4:00pm
19-Mar-17 208       4:00pm
09-Apr-17 209       3:00pm
07-May-17 210       3:00pm
04-Jun-17 211       3:00pm
09-Jul-17 212       3:00pm

Run no 199   

Date:           17 July 2016

Time:          3.00 pm
Hares          Mike (Pol Pot) Hodgson & Jack (Phantom) Walker

Location :   One Tree Hill, Ferntree Gully


NEXT RUN:200th Run & AGPU Location will be at One Tree Hill in Ferntree Gully and then on to a pub for dinner.  Details to come & a big Milestone for Melbourne Howlers. 


25 Apr 2016, 23:57