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  • Melbourne is a city in Brevard County, Florida, United States. As of 2009, the population estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau is 78,323, the population including West Melbourne is 93,651. The municipal is the second largest by size and by population in the county.
    white pages
  • The part of the telephone book that lists residential and business telephone numbers in alphabetical order by name, usually without any advertising copy
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melbourne fl white pages
melbourne fl white pages - Melbourne Beach,
Melbourne Beach, Memoirs from Coastal Florida
Melbourne Beach, Memoirs from Coastal Florida
In addition to the beautiful palmetto lined beaches and the rhythm of the rising and falling tides, one of the major attractions of Melbourne Beach is that, unlike the "space age" communities of concrete block in the surrounding area, the town "had a history." Thomas introduces readers to an array of unique characters, describes the changes that Melbourne Beach has undergone since the turn of the 20th century, and relates his concern about the effects of "progress" on the natural beauty of his adopted home. Learn about the town's excitement over its first stop sign, and how a woman makes a second one for weekends after she becomes the victim of Melbourne's first automobile accident. Meet Orval Gardenour, the town's first real policeman, who finally gained respect by rescuing a loggerhead turtle from the trunk of a poacher's car, and experience the Great Cat Hunt of 1930, in which seventy-four strays met their demise.

During the forty-five years that Frank Thomas has lived in this small community on Florida's eastern coast, he has taken it upon himself to dig into old records and document the oral histories of the "old timers" who made the town what it is today. The result is a witty, poignant account of Melbourne Beach residents' adventures, victories, tragedies, and comedies, woven together with the author's own offbeat story.

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Melbourne, FL
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