568: Northland Shopping Centre to Greensborough

The 568 is operated by the Dysons group from their depot in Bundoora, although originally the route operated out of the East Preston depot. It originally ran from either Northland Shopping Centre or Regent station along Tyler St to the East Preston tram terminus. It then ran along Plenty Rd (with some trips deviating via Larundel Psychiatric Hospital on Plenty Rd and/or Bundoora Repatriation hospital opposite Larundel) to Grimshaw St then along Grimshaw St to Balaka Place then via Noorong Avenue and Greenwood Drive to Watsonia shops and station. It then travelled north along Watsonia Rd, along Cameron Parade then Judith Street to Andrew Place. Some trips went directly from Plenty Rd along Greenwood Drive bypassing Balaka Place. When the buses were running to Northland, free transfers were available to/from Regent station, presumably on the 567.

The Watsonia North route had changed by the 1982 timetable with the Cameron Pde section deleted and the route continued along Macorna St, Hakea St, Sellars St and Gillingham St. With the 1st June 1995 timetable, the service was extended to Greensborough via Sellars and Grimshaw Sts. On the 7th October 2002, the route was combined with the 566 and run as a through route from Lalor station to Northland via the previous 566 and 568 routes.