25 December 1987 Christmas Holiday Timetable

25th December 1987 to 31st January 1988 Christmas Holiday Timetable - Bell St Bus Company format
First services: 5.35am from Preston to Glenroy, 6.06am from Preston to Eltham via Lower Plenty, 6.21am from Preston to Eltham via Greensborough
Frequency:Every 40 minutes on each branch combining to a 20 minute frequency between Rosanna and Glenroy.
Evening service: A 42 min frequency service operates between Heidelberg and Glenroy from around 6.42pm to 10.12pm
Last services: 6.07pm from Eltham via Greensborough, 6.36pm from Eltham via Lower Plenty, the 5.05pm from Glenroy being the last through bus via Greensborough to Eltham (arriving 6.30pm) and the 5.20pm from Glenroy being the last through bus via Lower Plenty arriving at Eltham at 6.35pm. The last buses on the core leave Heidelberg and Glenroy for Preston at 10.12pm.
First services: 6.07am from Preston to Glenroy, 6.11am from Preston to Heidelberg. The 6.35am from Glenroy is the first Eltham via Greensborough bus (arriving at Eltham at 8am) and the 6.41am from Preston is the first Eltham via Lower Plenty bus (arriving at Eltham at 7.23am). The 8.10am from Eltham is the first bus via Lower Plenty and the 7.35am from Eltham via Greensborough.
Morning frequency: Every 50 minutes on the branches combining to provide a service every 25 minutes between Rosanna and Glenroy until around 1pm.
Afternoon frequency: Every 25 minutes between Heidelberg and Glenroy until around 6pm. A 'connecting' bus is provided on the Heidelberg to Eltham branches every 40-50 minutes between 1pm and around 5pm with waits of between 0 and 23 minutes. The last bus from Eltham to Heidelberg via Lower Plenty is at 5.05pm, the last bus from Eltham to Heidelberg via Greensborough is 5.08pm. The last bus from Heidelberg to Eltham via Lower Plenty is 4.41pm, the last bus from Heidelberg to Eltham via Greensborough is 5.05pm.
Evening service: Every 42 minutes between around 6pm until 10.52pm
Last services: 12.25pm from Eltham via Greensborough, 1.02pm from Eltham via Lower Plenty. The last through buses from Glenroy to Eltham are the 11.35am via Greensborough (arriving at Eltham at 12.59pm) and the 12pm via Lower Plenty (arriving 1.10pm at Eltham). The last evening services depart Heidelberg and Glenroy at 10.52pm, both only going as far as Preston.
As per normal timetable. A Sunday timetable operates on Chritsmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Australia Day.
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