20 July 1986 Timetable

20 July 1986 Timetable - Metropolitan Transit Authority 'Green Bus Icon' format
Changes from previous timetable:
First services: 5.46am from Preston to Eltham via Lower Plenty, 5.58am from Preston to Eltham via Greensborough
AM peak frequency: Approximately every 24 minutes on each branch with an extra bus in each direction on each branch provided (ie outbound via Lower Plenty there was previously 6 buses between 6am and 9am, in this timetable there are 7. To Eltham via Greensborough the 1984 timetable had 5 buses, this one has 6). Between Rosanna and Glenroy the services combine to provide an even 12 minute frequency until around 9am. Also, the school bus deviation ceased with this timetable.
Interpeak frequency: As before, but the specific times are different to the previous timetable being about 10 minutes later for buses from Eltham via Lower Plenty, 11-12 for buses from Eltham via Greensborough and 17 minutes for buses going to Eltham.
PM peak frequency: Around every 23-24 minutes on the branches combining to every 12 minutes between Rosanna and Glenroy.
Evening service: Every 42 minutes from the 7.22pm from Heidelberg and Glenroy until around 11pm.
Last services: 10.50pm from Heidelberg and 10.49pm from Glenroy, both services terminating at Preston.
First services: 5.35am from Preston to Glenroy, 5.50am from Preston to Heidelberg. The first service to Eltham via Greensborough is the 5.58am from Preston, the first service to Eltham via Lower Plenty is the 6.16am from Preston. The first bus from Eltham via Lower Plenty is at 6.45am, the first from Eltham via Greensborough is at 6.55am.
Morning frequency: Every 40 minutes until around 1.20pm
Afternoon frequency: Every 25 minutes between Heidelberg and Glenroy until around 6pm.
Evening services: Every 42 minutes from 6pm to around 11pm.
Last services: 10.52pm from both Heidelberg and Glenroy, both terminating at Preston.
As per the 1984 timetable except for changes after 5pm to run every 42 minutes with last buses departing Glenroy and Heidelberg for Preston slightly earlier at 8.30pm.
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Jan 13, 2011, 2:01 AM