513: Eltham to Glenroy via Greensborough or via Lower Plenty

The 513 operates from Glenroy to Eltham via Coburg, Preston and Heidelberg (along Bell Street) then via Rosanna station. It then splits into two. One part goes to Eltham via Lower Plenty along Lower Plenty Rd then Main Rd to Eltham Station. The other branch goes via Greensborough Rd to Watsonia Station then via Elder St, Delta Rd, McDowell St, Ester St and Henry St to Greensborough, then via St Helena Rd, Mountain View Rd, Sherbourne Rd and Bridge Rd to Eltham Station.

The service was operated by the Bell St Bus Company (including a short period in the late 90s when they rebranded their buses as 'Bell Transit') from a depot on the north side of Bell St Preston between High St and the Epping railway line until the company was taken over by the Dysons Group in the early 2000s when services operated out of their Bundoora depot.