Program: 7-8 June, 2013

Understanding and the Good Life in Antiquity

RSVP for catering to Andrew Shortridge (aps235-[at]

Friday 7 June -- 1888 Building, University of Melbourne

0830:     Registration

0900:     Colloquium welcome

0910:     Session 1:     "Aristotle on phronêsis: reconciling deliberation and spontaneity"
                                 Dr. Bronwyn Finnigan, Marquette U.:: Discussant: A/Prof. Dirk Baltzly, Monash U.

1020:    Morning tea

1040:    Session 2:    "Aristotle on the use of poetry for a good political life" 
                                Nicolas Lema, ANU :: Discussant: Prof. Andrew Benjamin, Monash U.

1150:    Session 3:    "Plato's critique of poetry for educating citizens"
                                Craig Barrie, Monash U.:: Discussant: Prof. David Runia, Master of Queens College, U. of Melbourne

1300:    Lunch

1400:    Session 4:    "Philodemus' use of paideia in support of Epicurean doctrines"
                               Dr Sonya Wurster, U. of Melbourne :: Discussant: Mr. John Penwill, La Trobe U.

1510:    Session 5:    "Knowledge as ensouled action and the person as psychic unity. Socrates on akrasia"
                                Dr Edward Jeremiah, U. of Melbourne :: Discussant: Dr EvaAnagnostou-Laoutides, Monash U.

1620:    Afternoon tea

1640:    Workshop:    "From PhD to publications"
                                Presented by Dirk Baltzly and Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides

1720:    Preprandial beverages?

Saturday 8 June -- 1888 Building, University of Melbourne

0930:     Reconvene
0940:    Session 6:    "Socrates and Protagoras on courage and wisdom" 
                                Andrew Shortridge, Cornell U. :: Discussant: Dr Amy L. Shuster, U. of Melbourne/Virginia Tech

1050:    Morning tea

1110:    Session 7:    "Completely virtuous but not completely virtuous? Aristotle on the virtue of the Spartans"
                                Andrew Glen, U. of Auckland :: Discussant: Prof. Han Baltussen, U. of Adelaide


Keynote Address: Aristotle and Haybron on welfare

Prof. Daniel C. Russell, U. of Arizona/Ormond College, U. of Melbourne


1320:     Close, and lunch