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3-21-09 As Carter would say, "Come on, let's go!"  Click on the link to our new family website: 


 3-14-09 Carter had his first ride on the carousal.  He started to get nervous and wanted to get down right before it started.  Once it started moving he loved it.  You can tell by the look on his face that it was a hit.  I'll have to take him there again.

Carter is enjoying us get all the baby stuff out of the attic and ready for Audrey.  After bringing the swing down we heard, "Mommy, Daddy look at me!"  We found him swinging away in the nursery.  It's a good thing he still is in the weight limit of the swing so we don't have to worry about him breaking it.  Carter also likes to hide under the crib from monsters and daddy.  Right now he has toys and blankies under there. 

3-01-09 We woke up to snow this morning!  Chuck and Sasha had a good time but Carter just wasn't interested.  A few steps out the door is as far as he got.  He didn't like that it was still coming down and windy.  He kept saying that the snow was getting in his eyes.  Carter watched daddy build an Alabama sized snowman from the window.  The snow was gone by the afternoon and it'll be back in the upper 60's in a couple of days.  That's when Carter will be happy as can be playing outside again. 

2-4-09 Chuck actually had Sun. off and it was a gorgeous day out so we headed to the zoo.  We went into the lorikeet exhibit and I had to share this picture of a bird landing on Chuck.  He was totally startled by it but Carter thought it was really neat.  Carter kept trying to catch all the birds so I think he was a little jealous when one landed on daddy not him.

1-15-09 We had a great time in WI for Christmas!  Carter was especially spoiled by everyone again this year.  The one thing he didn't care for was the snow.  We took him out in it once & that was enough for him.  We tried to get him out in it when it got a little warmer but he wanted nothing to do with it.  Thanks to all the snow storms we didn't get a chance to get together with any of our friends but we were happy we were able to visit with all of our family.  When we got home from WI Grandma & Grandpa Aprahamian were at the

house already.  Carter got to open up even more presents including a Wall-e computer & his own keyboard that hooks up to our computer.  We spent New Years at the Spencer's where Carter had a blast running around with Keyana & Hailey. For more pics go to                  

12-12-08 Carter is such a little helper these days.  He loves to help with whatever we are doing.  Thanksgiving day Chuck was able to get home early and did some much needed raking.  Of course, Carter was right there to help.  His favorite phrases lately are, "Carter do it" and "Carter helping much."  We'll see if he is still in the helping mood when Audrey arrives.  The other thing Carter is really in to these days is his friend Thomas.  Great Grandma and Grandpa sent him all of the wooden train track pieces and wooden trains.

Carter loves putting together different tracks with daddy.  Our living room is now the island of Sodor.  He even has to bring a train or two everywhere he goes.  The other day he had five trains in the car for the short ride to the store.  

11-4-08 Carter helped us carve pumpkins this year.  He didn't like scooping the goo out but would pick out the seeds.  He would collect and play with the pieces of pumpkin that were cut.  The next weekend Carter got to paint his pumpkin.  He absolutely loved it!  He used all the colors and poured on the glitter or as he called them, sprinkles.  Once his pumpkin was covered he moved onto Mommy and Daddy's.  By the time we was done the patio was covered in glitter and he went straight into the tub.  Carter didn't like all

things Halloween though.  He refused to put on a costume this year.  We tried to bribe him with all sorts of things and nothing worked.  Oh well, there's always next year.  At least he had a great time with his pumpkins.

10-19-08 Last weekend we took Carter to the pumpkin farm.  Carter was so excited that when we pulled in to the parking lot we couldn't get him out of his car seat fast enough.  He had a blast in the patch collecting all of the small pumpkins.  After we picked out all of our pumpkins Carter got to play in the inflatable play area.

He didn't have as much fun as we thought he would.  There were too many big kids running him over.  After a quick snack Carter was ready for the petting zoo.  He had a great time getting to pet the pigs, cows, horses, etc.  I think his favorite was the pig.  He would pick the weeds and try to feed it to the animals.  We tried to get him to go on a pony ride but he wasn't interested.  He was content just watching.  Carter had so much fun running around all morning that he was asleep as soon as the car started to move.

                                                                                                   10-07-08  Grandma Debbie and Great Grandma Edna came down for a visit and to watch Carter while Mommy and Daddy went to Jaret & Kelly's wedding in Memphis.  Carter loved the extra attention as always.  We had beautiful weather while they were here and spent a lot of time outside.  Chuck spent the week in Memphis golfing with the guys and I joined him on Friday.  The Peabody hotel was georgous.  We watched the ducks run down the red carpet to the fountain they spend the day in.  We enjoyed a BBQ lunch at the

famous Rendezvous restaurant with 3 other couples from MCW.  The wedding was right in the hotel and it was beautiful.  The weekend went by too quickly as usual and Carter was sad to see Grandma & Great Grandma go.  He got upset when he didn't get to go on the plane with them.

8-18-08  Carter and Mommy went to visit Grandma & Grandpa Aprahamian and Auntie Kate in VA.  Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Aprahamian also came for a long weekend while we were there.  Carter was spoiled and loved it!  Every morning after he ate breakfast he would go down to the dock to look at the fish and then to the front of the house to see the spider he named Charlotte.  Carter loved the Children's museum, the battle ship USS Wisconsin and the park.  He even got to have his first snow cone.  At the beach

he enjoyed playing in the sand.  He didn't want to go into the water but loved putting his feet in the bucket of water.  Carter loved all the toys Grandma & Grandpa picked out for him.  A couple of his favorites were his Mater truck, tools and Nemo.  He has always been shy around Great Grandpa but his time Carter held his hand while walking to the car.  To see more pictures from our visit go to:

7-28-08 Carter and Mommy got to spend the week up in Shawano Lake, WI with Grandma Debbie, Tita Angela, Great Grandma Schmidt, the Schmidts, Sargents and Bolgerts.  Uncle Brett got to join us the last couple of days.  Carter had a blast playing in the sand and water every day.  He enjoyed some firsts throughout the week; his first boat ride, s'more, moonbounce and fish fry.  He almost got to have his first ride in a go cart but he was about an inch too short. 

After the cottage we got to see Hillary, Gabe & Claire (River Falls, WI), Sadie & Emma (Buffalo, NY) and Mel, Amelia & Maelle (Two Rivers, WI) at Sadie's shower.  It was so nice to see all the new babies and the toddlers running around together.  The last time we were all together was at my wedding almost 4 years ago.  

After the shower we got to see Amy & Drew (Neenah, WI) real quickly before we all had to head home.  Even though it's a lot of fun to see all of our little ones together we are already planning a moms only get together for next time.  To see more pictures from our trip go to:

7-17-08  It's been a while since I've updated the site so here are some things we have been up to.  There is never a dull moment with a toddler in the house.  Carter decided to paint his toe nails and ended up painting a little more than just toes.  Luckily he didn't get any on the rug and only a dab on his clothes, which I managed to get out.  Whenever he sees Mommy or Daddy do something he has to do it too.  Mommy's lesson learned-don't wait to put anything away.  Or someone is bound to get into it.  

Chuck is hoping that Carter's need to copy everything will work to his advantage when it comes to teaching him to golf.  Chuck has set up the golf net in the backyard and has Carter watch his swing.  Carter has been practicing indoors with his plastic set and he is actually getting the hang of it.  Now that Carter is working on his swing and showing more interest Chuck is eying up the real clubs for Carter.  I have a feeling that is what Santa will be bringing this year.

In order to beat this Alabama heat we spend a lot of time at the pool.  Carter loves to go swimming, or as he calls it schwimming.  He really gets excited and has a good time when Daddy gets to come along.  Daddy tries to convince him to go to the big pool but Carter likes to stay in the baby pool where he can stand.  We also have been going to a music program at the library once a week.  Carter loves moving to the music and always takes a good nap after those mornings.                      

5-26-08  Auntie Kate came and visited us for a long weekend.  Mommy and Kate did A LOT of shopping and we were impressed with what a trooper Carter was through it all.  Auntie Kate spoiled him with a bunch of new clothes from you guessed it, Baby Gap.  We were even able to meet Chuck for lunch one of the days he was on-call.

 5-11-08 The day after Lolo left Tita Angela and Grandma Debbie came for a long weekend.  Angela ordered her wedding gown down here during her last visit.   The dress came in, so they came down so she could pick it up.  It was a quick visit but we had fun.   Once again Carter enjoyed having an audience and someone else to play with.  He is such a ham these days.  To see more pictures go to:

 5-06-08 Lolo came to celebrate Carter's birthday with us.  He took Carter to Toys R Us and let him run around the whole store!  We were amazed at how he knew what he really wanted and didn't just throw everything in the cart.  Carter's favorite item from his shopping spree is his Black and Decker work bench.  He plays with it every day.  Lolo also made him a sand box, which he loves.  To see more pictures go to:

4-28-08  Grandma & Grandpa Aprahamian came for a visit.  Grandpa was only able to stay for a long weekend but Grandma was able to stay for a couple of weeks.  They bought Carter a jungle gym for his birthday which is a hit.  He plays with it every day.  Grandma got to wake up to Carter barging in her room yelling, "Hey!" every morning.  Carter loved having an audience and had Grandma wrapped around his little finger.  To see more pictures go to:  

  3-28-08 For Chuck's last week of vacation for the year we decided to head up to WI for a quick visit.  It was a busy week and we unfortunately didn't get to spend  any time visiting with our friends.  Carter was so excited to see and play with the snow at Great Grandma & Grandpa's and even built a snowman with Daddy.   He loved the play area in the Sheboygan Mall and had a blast exploring the Children's Museum.  Mommy & Daddy enjoyed a little get away to the Osthoff Resort while Carter stayed with Grandma Debbie and Tita Angela.  To see more pictures go to:

 2-19-08 Hillary & Gabe came to visit us all the way from River Falls, WI.  We had a blast having our boys together and seeing how much they are alike.   The boys enjoyed running around the zoo, exploring the McWane Center & playing in the parkGabe & Carter were quite the pair.  It was monkey see, monkey do and they would tag team us with who was going to be sassy at the time.  The mommies did get to have some quiet girl time when the boys were napping.  To see all the pictures from their visit go to



1-05-08  Tita Angela & Uncle Brett are engaged!!!  We enjoyed a quick visit with them and Grandma Debbie.  It was so nice to be able to celebrate with them right away.  The girls got to go dress shopping while the boys went golfing.  To see the pictures from their visit go to:



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