Moving-habitat simulation models:
We have developed interactive models that allow you to explore the effects of climate change on population growth and persistence. Given a species population growth rate and dispersal ability, what is the maximum velocity of climate change at which a species can persist? Using integrodifference equations, we have developed four models: the basic moving habitat model, the basic model with the addition of allee effects, the basic model but with upper and lower range limits shifting asymmetrically (leading to range size changes), and the basic model modified to include two species and the effects of biotic interactions (facilitation, competition).  For each model, we provide a brief overview of the models, a set of parameters to change, and figures showing the results of the model given chosen parameters. A screen shot of the Basic Model is provided below and links to all models are provided above.

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FISHEyE: FISHeries Economic Explorer
FISHEyE is an interactive tool to help you examine the economic impacts of the West Coast Groundfish Trawl Catch Share Program on participants and regional economies. With FISHEyE, you can explore economic data collected by the Northwest Fisheries Science Center's (NWFSC) Economic Data Collection Program (EDC) and customize economic analyses of the fishery based on topics of interest, such as species, vessel type, homeport, and several economic measures. You can generate custom graphs and download selected datasets for this diverse fleet.