Welcome to ConC!

Welcome to the web site of MELA's Committee on Cataloging (ConC). It is our mission to identify and consider cataloging issues, to make recommendations, and to cooperate with other institutions and bodies on matters related to descriptive cataloging and subject cataloging, classification, and content designation of materials from and about the Middle East.

The Committee consists of of five elected members and two ex-officio liaisons. Its current members are:
  • Iman Dagher, UCLA
  • Behzad Allahyar, Stanford
  • Joyce Bell, Princeton University (Chair)
  • Guy Burak, New York University
  • Allen Mayberry, Library of Congress (ex-officio for LC) 
  • Rebecca Routh, University of Iowa (ConC liaison to NRCIG)
  • Mark Muehlhaeusler, the American University in Cairo (ConC Webmaster)
Download ConC's latest Annual Report (November 2014)


Desk reference, cheat sheets, standards and best practices.


Meetings and cataloging-related events.


Get in touch with the administrators of this site. We welcome your feedback, and will try to answer your questions promptly.

General cataloging inquiries should be directed to the MIDEASTCAT mailing list (mideastcat-l@googlegroups.com).