Juice Bar

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More to love about Mekong Cafe!!! Offering popular drinks and desserts of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam! Not only will we carry fresh fruits to make your favorite boba tea. We will have Asian fruits to top the goodness off. Mekong focuses on the quality of food, cleanliness, and service. The ambiance may be simple but our food is Authentic!What's so good about this cold press juice? These juices contain more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than those made with a blender. It's all in the method, the fresh fruit and vegetables are "pressed" so the maximum amount of nectar is extracted from the pulp and fibre, leaving a raw and fresh juice. Never been a big vegetable eater? After having our juice it will change your mind about veggies. Not much of a juice drinker? We will offer fresh fruit smoothies and fresh fruit cups along with authentic Thai shaved ice with exotic Southeast Asian fruits. Enjoy!