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This website is still under construction and I hope to add lots of good information and websites so stay tuned.  If you are interested in a painting please let me know  All paintings seen on this page are for sale.

These paintings and others will be on display beginning the first Friday in May, May 4th, at the 2 Street Gallery area upstairs in the Museum.  Come out and see them in person from 5 pm -8 pm on May 4th.

                Serenity $185

Spring Walk $150

                    Spring Peeking Through $175

                    Coming Up $200

Misty Mountain $300 framed $150 unframed

Flowing River

                     Spring Thaw $300 framed $150 unframed

                                                        Where are we going?

 titled: Winter Chickadee $200 framed $120 matted but unframed

This painting was selected for a Special Merit Award in the Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery, “Animals” Art Exhibition – December 2015   and can also be viewed as a slide show on Youtube

Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery has amazing artwork from all over the world.  They have contests monthly.

                                                                White Barn

Autum Chickadee 16 x 20 framed $200

                                                                    $75 framed

Spring Gathering
Spring Gathering 12 x 15 $185 framed.

                                                        Mountain View

winter wind                                                                           Winter Day $185 framed $85 matted but                                                                             unframed

               Iced Leaves $205 framed $105 matted but unframed

paintings look so much different depending on mat and framing same picture but 2 totally different looks.

A Fall Walk $85 framed $50 matted but unframed

$85 framed $50matted but unframed

Check out the Fairbanks Watercolor Society Corner in the Bear Gallery Gift Shop in the Civic Center at  Pioneer Park.

Come visit the Fairbanks Watercolor Society on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Blue Room at the Civic Center at Pioneer Park.  Painters of all kinds and non painters welcome.  It's a great, friendly group of folks and that's how I got started with all this.  We would love to have you.

This was done and sent as a Christmas card but could be easily matted and put into a frame. 

Just having some fun making Christmas cards. They come out very pretty.