Some Papers

My new 2011 paper written in Chinese

Zheng, Wang, Glaeser, Kahn 2010 China Paper

November 2009, Revision of the Cragg and Kahn Carbon Paper

My Vox EU Columns

Coastal Commission Paper (joint with Vaughn and Zasloff)

Kahn and Pfaff (2000) Informal Economies and Environmental Economics

Reviews in History

Appalachia Paper

Davis and Kahn July 2009: International Trade in Used Durables Substitutes for "Cash for Clunkers"

Cragg/Kahn Carbon Geography Paper

Tax Evasion and Avoidance (Gentry and Kahn 2009)

JAPA (Kahn and Morris) , Walking the Walk

My Review as an External Reviewer of California's AB32 Scoping Plan Economic Analysis

My Critique of the Small Business AB32 Report by Varshney and Associates

My Winter 2009 IOE Prius Piece

Green Cities, See Chapter 2 of this 2006 Book

China Urban FDI and Air Pollution (NBER WP #14751)

Urban Growth and Climate Change (Pre-publication)

Los Angeles Air Pollution Exposure and Environmental Justice

Greenness of Cities, Glaeser and Kahn 2008 NBER WP #14238

Electric Power Plant Pollution (RSUE 2008)

Report on Household Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Major U.S Metropolitan Area

My Research Papers Posted to the Ziman Center webpage

Costa and Kahn 2008 Princeton University Press Book Cover

Climate Consumption (RSUE 1999)

tufts quiz 2006

Kahn and Schwartz Paper (JUE 2008) on Air Progress

Zheng and Kahn 2008 (Beijing Paper)

My Papers Stored at REPEC

My NBER Working Papers

My 1993 University of Chicago PhD Thesis

A Costa/Kahn Paper that You Haven't Read!

Hybrid Vehicle Demand (JEEM 2007)

My Two Published Papers by Berkeley Electronic Press

Bajari and Kahn (2005)

Kahn (REE 2007)

DiPasquale and Kahn (REE 1999)

RESTAT (2005)

Sprawl and Urban Growth (joint with Glaeser)

Green Cities (2006) Chapter One

Kahn and Matususaka (JLE 1997)

Costa and Kahn (2003) perspectives on politics

Costa and Kahn (QJE 2000) Power Couples

Costa and Kahn (2003 AER)

For Copies of my papers joint with Dora Costa

Rand Journal (1996)

JOLE (1998)

Environmental Impact of Suburbanization (JPAM 2000)

Pollution Havens (RSUE 2003)

Public Transit (2005)

Glaeser, Kahn and Rappaport (2007)

Rust Belt Decline (1999)

Climate Demand (1997)

Additional abstracts and Electronic copies of my papers are available on my author page at the SSRN Electronic Library at:

An Interview with Me on my Green Cities Book

Review #1 of Green Cities: Urban Growth and the Environment

Review #2 of Green Cities

Review #3 of Green Cities

Review #4 of Green Cities (December 2007 JEL)