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My goals as a teacher:

  • My students take responsibility for their learning and know exactly why they are in this class.
  • They will become independent learners: choose their style of learning and their method of presenting.
  • Each student grows individually as well as the whole class grows as a group.
  • The report card mark is never a surprise, everyone knows how to get a mark of one's choice.
  • Learning Science or Math is not dry memorization; we relate everything we learn to our life experiences, future applications, having fun and passing the Regents Exam.
  • We use computers to learn the subject matter.


4 = Excellent:

your own creativity

your own curiosity

your own initiative

your own solutions for 

assigned work.

3 = Good:

you complete the work

you learn and remember.

2 = Satisfactory:

you complete the work.

1 = Unfinished:

your work is incomplete.

0 = Missing Assignment.

! = Extra Credit

for helping others

for your own initiative

for your own solution.


Report Card Mark:

  • If you have 4 for every week of the term you are guaranteed to get at least 85 on your report card.
  • If you have 3 for every week of the term you are guaranteed to get at least 80 on you report card.
  • 75 is satisfactory for all weeks of the term
  • 65 is pass
  • NC incomplete work due to absences.
  • If you aim 90 or higher you have to get high scores on marking period and final tests.



1. You come to this class to work, learn, and grow. I am here to help you grow.

2. The work is organized weekly and you are getting a mark for each week's work. See the rubrics, choose the grade, and work to get it.

3. In this class we do not compete, we help each other learn. Helping others will give you extra credits.

4. You can email me your work at:
Pangaia Technology Class


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