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Bring it

posted May 5, 2009, 8:26 AM by Robert Collins II
As most of my students know, I am currently doing P90X and am close to the end.  One of the many great concepts of P90X is the motto "Bring it"  How often do we find ourselves making excuses as to our training or lack there of?  "I just was too busy", "I had a headache", "I will after this show", "I just need a day to relax",...sound familiar?  It is a really hard fight to beat the voices in our heads trying to tell us reasons not to work harder.  The thing that gets me the most though, is that these students often wonder why they are getting corrected when they do show up and why they are passed over for testing even though they meet the "time in rank" by the amount of time only.  I can tell you it isn't because your Sensei wants to pick on you or because he/she doesn't like you; it is most likely because your fellow karateka are putting in more work and showing better results through their dedication and hard work.

We as a culture are based on the "I want it now" philosophy.  So many things such as Fast Food, Online Movies, Email, Text Messaging, etc, have driven us to getting instant results with minimul efforts.  One of the beautiful things of following a traditional style is that it is based on hard work and detailed understanding.  Sure there are some students that just seem to get it, but that is only to a certain level.  For most of us, and most likely for them as well, true dedication and hard work are needed to excel.  Do you want to be able to perform a kata like so and so from your class, then the best suggestion I can give you is that you've got to "Bring it"!  And this is not just talking about today, or tomorrow.  This is talking about a lifetime choice of setting aside the notions that this should come naturally.  It will later, but for now, it takes time and dedication to practice practice practice.  And when you feel like you are doing well, slow down and do it again because you still have a ways to go.  Even our Grand Master practices and if he doesn't have it perfectly yet, I can guarantee you that you don't either.

Take the excuses that you come up with and give them a real hard look.  How many of them are real and valid and how many are just to avoid the sweat?  Learn to turn "I just was too busy" to "I can set aside 15 minutes for kata practice this evening before bed."  Or to turn "I have a headache" into, "I will use this time to meditate on XYZ principle."  Or even to turn I will after this show" to "I will tape this show to allow time to practice now and watch it later."  By using these tricks, we can get win the mind game and make time to practice.  And once you have this time available, You've got to Bring it!  Commit to the concept of Kime and have conscious practice to the best of your abilities.  I hope my interpretation of the P90X motto has helped you as it has me...So go out there and "Bring it!"