June 2011 Testing

posted Jun 11, 2011, 8:33 AM by Robert Collins II

We had a great showing at testing in June.  The level of Karate shown in our group keeps growing and growing.  We had a special treat in that Spencer Sensei, Robert Sensei, Stacie Sempai, and Bryan Sempai, all demonstrated advanced kata and did an outstanding job.  I would like to throw out a congratulations to the following students for passing their test and advancing to the next rank. 
Diana - Ni dan
Michael - Sho dan
Kenny - Ichi Kyu
Jim - Ni Kyu
Kentaro - San Kyu
Paul - San Kyu
Keep up the great work!

2011 Update

posted Feb 12, 2011, 8:21 AM by Robert Collins II

A new year is upon us and we have been busy!
At the end of last year we had a testing and promoted 8 students to different Kyu Ranks.  The students did great and demonstrated higher levels of skills than even were being tested for!
Jan 2011 kicked off two self defense programs that were great successes.  The first was a Seniors Class that brought out about 20 people eager to learn better ways to defend themselves.  The second was a Women's Self Defense Class that showed great progress turning the students from shy and timid at first to fully being able to React, Release, Retaliate, and Run to save their lives.
Jan 2011 also started our our Kids Program and have three great young men who have joined us and are doing an excellent job.  Future Warriors indeed!
Feb 2011 was the Wichita Mini Camp and it was arguably the best mini camp I have ever attended.  The growth that I saw in the students in this one weekend was absolutely outstanding and we at KS-Karate are so proud of each and every one of them.
As you can see we are having a great year.  Stay tuned for upcoming testing in March...

Web Page Updated

posted Nov 25, 2010, 8:56 AM by Robert Collins II   [ updated Nov 25, 2010, 9:00 AM ]

Well its been a long time since we updated and I'm sorry for that.  We have expanded to two locations now, which is exciting but also Time Consuming!  Rather than creating several annoucments for this past year I thought a bulleted list would be more appropriate for the things that have happened so far in 2010! 
  • Sempai Stacie Townsend tested for her San Dan in December 2009!  Congrats Stacie!!
  • Warriors Club inducts two new members Sempai Stacie Townsend (2008) and Sempai Bryan Hinson (2009).  Congratulations on a job well done and well deserved honor!!
  • KS-Karate opens HBC Location in March 2010!
  • Black Belt Ceremony in May 2010 promotes Sempai Joel Goforth (San Dan), Sempai Bryan Hinson (Ni Dan), Sempai Jaryn Presnell (Ni Dan), and Sempai Diana Goforth (Sho Dan).  Also, the May testing promoted Michael Whitaker (Ni Kyu).  Congrats all on a job well done!!
  • Summer Camp 2010 in Colorado Springs was an absolute blast!  The comraderie that is shared in this association is the best I have ever seen!  Special thanks to Hanshi Ader, Renshi Spencer, Sempai Stacie, Sempai Joel, Sempai Diana, and Jim for your hard work and efforts at camp!
  • October 2010 Testing brings in Paul Wilson (Hachi Kyu) and Chris Adams (Ku Kyu) into our group and also promotes Tze Wong (Yon Kyu), Jim Venn (Go Kyu).  Congratulations all on a job well done!
That is the year so far in highlights.  Look forward to more updates soon as we have testing coming up on December 7th!
Train Hard
~ Robert

2009 October Testing Results

posted Oct 18, 2009, 12:22 PM by Robert Collins II

Congrats to those that tested October 15th.  It was a great showing of warrior attitude and skilled karate.  Here are the students that tested and their new ranks:

Diana - 1st Kyu (Brown 3)
Michael - 4th Kyu (Green 3)
Andy - 6th Kyu (Green 1)
Charles - 7th Kyu (Blue 3)
Bob - 9th Kyu (Blue 1)
Ken - 9th Kyu (Blue 1)

2009 October Test

posted Aug 18, 2009, 11:29 AM by Robert Collins II

Its that time again, time for testing.  This October's testing will take place on Thursday October 15th at the WSU Heskett Center.  Stay tuned for test results and promotion details.

2009 Wichita MiniCamp

posted Jul 14, 2009, 9:04 AM by Robert Collins II

Meiyo Dojo will be hosting Kyoshi Jeff Ader at the WSU Heskett Center on September 11-13th. 
For more information contact Sensei Collins

Summer Camp Photos

posted Jun 7, 2009, 7:14 PM by Robert Collins II

Just a note that the summer camp photos have been posted in the photo section.  You can also check them out at the link below

2009 Texas Summer Camp Promotions

posted Jun 1, 2009, 10:43 AM by Robert Collins II

Congratulations to all that were promoted at Summer Camp 2009.  There were some pretty high ranking Black Belts Promoted and it was an honor to witness such a great showing of Karate!  A special Congratulations to my teacher, Sensei Ader for his promotion to Hachi Dan.  I also want to congratulate Sensei Shipes and Sensi Fasig for their Hanchi Dans as well as all the Roku Dans that were promoted to Nana Dan!  It was an excellent camp and we will take back a lot of great lessons.

I also want to extend a congratulations to the students of Meiyo Dojo that were promoted:
Stacie Townsend        Sho Dan
Bryan Hinson               Sho Dan
Jaryn Presnell              Sho Dan
Chris Weaver              Sho Dan
Diana Goforth              Ni Kyu

As always, it was a wonderful Summer Camp filled with great lessons and great people.  Looking forward to the next group training this Fall!

Sensei is Back

posted May 26, 2009, 8:20 AM by Robert Collins II

Hello All, Just wanted to let you know that I am back from my Honeymoon and Safe.  I want to thank everyone that attended and or shared kind words with me.  I really appreciate you all and look forward to our upcoming Summer Camp!  We leave Thursday!!  More to come...  In the way, ~ Robert

Last Week of Spring 09 Semester

posted May 10, 2009, 12:16 PM by Robert Collins II

This will be the last week of the Spring 09 Semester.  We will start the week off with a Test on Tuesday the 12th.  Please remember to be in full uniform for the test and we will start the test at 5:45 sharp.  Sensei will be available for last minute questions at 5:30, but at 5:45 we will bow in and begin.  Also please remember your weapons for testing as we will be testing all aspects of your rank.  See you all soon!  ~ Robert

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