Important Information:

Due to personal reasons, I would like to inform all of you that Meigo Circle Lenses Shop will be closing starting (Feb, 05, 2011) until further notice.

All the orders placed up to before Feb 04, 2011 will be send out as usual.
The emails will still be replied until all the orders has been received.

Thank you all for the support for the past few years.
I wish all of you nothing but the best.


***Free shipping worldwide. Buy your lenses today! All lenses and prescriptions are in stock!

All lenses and prescriptions are available and in stock

Twinkle Diamond Series: available in Black, Brown, Gray, Blue and Violet

Prescription: 0 ~ 1000 available for Black, Brown and Gray lenses
                   Plano only for Blue and Violet

$35/pair, place your order today by emailing:

Featured Items
Get your lens accessories today!

 Pinchi-Ai Contact Lens Remover

 Multi-Purpose Contact lens solution (40ml) $2.99

Automatic Contact lenses Washing Machine $12.00
($8 when purchase at least 1 pair of lenses)

Anna Sui Style Travel Kit                          Flower style Travel Kit
$2.99                                                      $2.99

*** Pinch-Ai Contact Lens Remover, Travel Kits and Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution can be ordered only when at least one pair of circle lenses is ordered.
Specials !! ($35 / pair + Lens Travel Kit)
(Please email us @ to purchase)
All lenses and prescriptions are available and in stock
Migwang Clear Color Breeze Pink
Prescription: 0.00 ~ - 5.00

I Fax Y33 Gray
Prescription: 0.00 ~ - 6.00

Dueba Belita Pink
Prescription: plano

I Fax Y33 Brown
Prescription: 0.00 ~ - 6.00
Dueba Tiara Pink
Prescription: plano

 I Fax Y33 Black
Prescription: 0.00 ~ - 6.00
                                                                                                                (Promotional code does not apply on already discounted lenses)