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Projects, Ideas and Initiatives Itemized
  • It Takes More Than Local Image Features: A closer look at Dense SIFT and the implicit contextual information it captures.
  • Accelerometer Aided Fixtureless Calibration of MEMS Gyroscopes: It didn't make much sense to get a 4000$ rate table for calibrating a 129$ IMU module so I came up with a novel fixture-less calibration scheme relying on calibrated accelerometers for the purpose of calibrating the cross sensitivities, axis biases and scale factors of triaxial MEMS gyroscopes.
  • Gravity Assisted MEMS Accelerometer Calibration : Implementation of a popular fixture-less calibration scheme for triaxial accelerometers. This scheme calibrates the cross sensitivities of the three axis and the normalised axis biases and scale factors. A similar scheme, using the the Earth's magnetic field as a reference, is used to calibrate triaxial magnetometers.
  • 3D Pose Estimation of a Rigid Body Using Inertial Sensors: Fusion of data from an accelerometer triad, a gyroscope triad and a magnetometer triad for attitude (roll and pitch) and heading (yaw) estimation for an unmanned aerial vehicle. 
  • 3D Scanner: Point cloud capture using a laser and a rotating platform, Delaunay triangulation of the point cloud and mesh extraction using Ball Pivoting algorithm. Implemented using MATLAB 
  • Adaptive Signal Processing: MATLAB implementations of adaptive signal processing algorithms for system identification and noise cancellation.
  • Quadrotor UAV: Design of a testbed for a quadrotor, modeling the dynamics of the quadrotor in Simulink and design of nested PID controllers for altitude and attitude control of the UAV.
  • MIT Media Labs Design Innovation Workshop :
  • Autonomous Firefighting Robot: A mobile platform with a fire detection and extinguishing mechanism mounted on it to allow it to locate the source of fire in a maze and extinguish it. 
  • Line Tracking - Differential Drive Platform: A PID controlled line following robot with differential steering
  • Ultrasonic Ranger: An ultrasonic distance meter that relies on electronic wizardry at both the transmitter and reciever end to extract a usable range of 5m from an ultra cheap pair of ultrasonic transducers which max out at 2m when driven and sensed by the more commonly employed methods.
  • Linear Regulated Power Supply: A 5V, 1A DC linear regulated power supply with Foldback Current Limiting
  • Freescale SmartCar Challenge: A dual PID controlled ackerman steered line following robot based on Freescale's S12X controllers, where there were 2 distinct PID loops, one controlling the tracking of the line and the other controlling the RPM of the driver motor
  • DRDO Military Racing Challenge: AISG's (Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Group) design entry to DRDO Military Racing Challenge 
  • RGB LED as Color Sensor: An investigative project into the potential usage of an RGB LED as a color sensor
  • Udacity: Programming a Robotic Car
  • Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Group
  • Bio Inspired Robots: Review of literature in biology, sensor design, and robotics in general, alongside my own ideas in bio-inspired robot design
  • Robotics Project Ideas: Some ideas for projects, compiled under the generic heading of 'robotics'. Some of these can be taken up as semester projects at the undergrad or graduate level, or as final year undergraduate projects.
  • Beetel Teletech
  • Cool Junk
  • CEDT
  • Adaptive Tiling Display
*Note- Project pages are updated as and when I get time, which is very rare, due to the demanding nature of my current job. I have tried to ensure that at least the overview of projects is in place, with implementation details to be updated later.