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Room 206 Kusbuk Hall
Week 16 4/27- 5-1!!!!!!
Sled Alaska: Live Homework Help, Write Tutor.... go there....

English 1

Monday:   Video about hook strategies, group disscusion of strategies, partner plan, Google share and write intro HW: finish intro

Tuesday: Review in-text citation, Synchronous edit intos, Students write BP1, 

Wednesday: Ziggy sample of BP1, Synrounous edit BP1, Write BP2

Thursday: Synchronous edit BP2, Write BP3

Friday: Syncrounous edit BP3, Write conclusion

English 2 : Kite Runner finish book by Monday

Monday:  SSR, Synchronous edit of BP3, peer edit conclusion

Tuesday:Synchronous edit conclusions,  Peer Edit 3times (rubric feedback)

Wednesday: Essay due on Google classrom, peer edited rubric due in box

Thursday: Journal reflection of career research, prep for presentation.

Friday: Gallary walk: career speech

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Blu Jacoby
(907) 966-3215