How to find me....

Room 206 Kusbuk Hall
Week 7 2/23- 2/27

English 1

Monday:   SSR, Frayer Vocab (due Thursday), Review Theme and Thesis Close Reads, Thesis Statement Throwdown!, 

Tuesday: 15 minutes to work on Frayer vocab in table groups, SSR: Okay for Now- record text evidence for theme while reading, Journal Write

Wednesday: SSR, Action Vocab, Essay Collaborative Pre-writing HW: Watch Youtube about hooks, and write introduction

Thursday: Dol, Vocabulary quiz, New words, Synchronous Editing, HW shape one paragraph

Friday:SSR, Binder Check, Synchronous Editing Mad libs?

English 2

Monday:   SSR, Planner, Vocab- part of spch word origin, Close read review/Theme worksheet, DOL homework

Tuesday: SSR, Vocab- table groups/ sentences, Watch Victimproof video and write in journals

WednesdaySSR, Theme brainstorming, DOL, Expert/Learner Vocab, Thesis Throwdown! 

Thursday:  SSR/ DOL, 5 minute study, Vocabulary quiz, New vocab words

Friday: SSR/ BC Power lit groups, 

Please contact me with any questions,
comments or concerns:
Blu Jacoby
(907) 966-3215