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Room 206 Kusbuk Hall
Week 15 11/130-12/04

English 1

Monday:  SSR ch 7, thesis review, Read ch 8 in 4 corners (finish for hw)

Tuesday:  MAP

Wednesday: Finish Night, review close read and discuss bias

Thursday: SSR, Fragment and run-ons part B pg 1, finding reliable sources

Friday SSR, Citing sources, works cited and in-text citation

English 2 : 

Monday: SSR, organize binders, project plan time (review problem solving close read)

Tuesday: 2nd 5th: SSR, Fragments and ROs part B, Thesis Throwdown, Persuasive Research

Wednesday: 4th (see tuesday) 2nd: SSR, finish theme worksheet, finish work on persuasive research, project work time

Thursday:   4th and 5th (See 2nd on Wednesday)

Friday:   Project time. HW: study for them vs. thesis quiz  (Monday).

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comments or concerns:
Blu Jacoby
(907) 966-3215