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Happy Fall!                                Room 113

Week 6        9/26- 9/30

English 1

Monday:  Night discussion, close read Oskar Groening 

HW: Finish close reads and prep for class debate

Tuesday: Class debate

HW: Read ch 6 (pg 103-115)

Wednesday: SSR: ch 7, Night discussion

Thursday:  Comp lab: revisit Victimproof essay (bring independent SSR book).

Friday: Begin genocide research project

HW: research

English 2 : 

Monday: Journal about ch 7, SSR ch 8, Discussion of literary devices 

HW: Read and identify mood and tone...

Tuesday: SSR: ch 8, DOL 1 & 2, expert/ learner vocabulary, Mood and Tone

HW: choose a class appropriate/ upbeat song and e-mail the title to me

Wednesday:  Reports from project groups, Thesis Statement Throw-down! Journal, SSR: CH9 

Thursday:  DOL 3 &4, vocabulary quiz, new vocabulary words, SSR finish ch 9

HW: Read ch 10

Friday: Collaborative vocabulary, project meeting: share ideas with class, SSR

HW: Ch 11

Next week: quiz on literary devices, hero cycle and plot

Please contact me with any questions,
comments or concerns:
Blu Jacoby
(907) 966-3215