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Room 113

Week 8        10/17- 10/21

English 1

Monday:  Prepare Romeo and Juliet presentation

HW: Finish presentations

Tuesday: Present, Peer editing.

HW: Finalize and submit essas

Wednesday: SSR: Love's Vocabulary, Analyze the Text, DOL, 


Thursday:  Elements of literature, pre-read Act 1 of RJ

HW: Finish Act 1 and questions

Friday: Read out loud and discuss

HW: pre-read Act 2 with questions

English 2 : 

Monday: Project meeting, SSR

HW: Read 20 minutes

Tuesday: Write essay thesis and intro, 

HW: finish intro paragraph

Wednesday:  Shaping sheet for BP1, and BP3

HW: Finish shaping sheets

Thursday:  Conclusions  

HW: Finish conclusions

Friday: Type Essays

HW: draft 1 due Monday

Please contact me with any questions,
comments or concerns:
Blu Jacoby
(907) 966-3215