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Room 113 

Week     7    2/20- 2/24

Accelerated English 2

Monday: SSR: Finish reading through ch 22. Correct grammar assessment.  Jigsaw reading

HW: ch 23 and24

Tuesday SSR: finish 23 and 24, Grammar warm up, finish jigsaw

HW: Read ch 25, Get current event: highlight and annotate

Wednesday: SSR finish ch 25 and start 26. Warm up figurative and connotative language, respond to current event RI4

HW: Ch 26 an 27 with TQA

Thursday: Grammar warm up,  SSR finish ch 26 and 27, Socratic Seminar

HW: Ch 28 and 29 with study questions

Friday: Quiz, literary analysis about theme

Hw:Finish book by Monday

English 2

Monday:Pro/Con Opinion Columns

Tuesday: Library Databases

Wednesday: Fahrenheit 451 Discussion, Chapter 3 (Questions and Lit. Grids due)

Thursday:  Persuasive Paragraphs

Friday: Logical Fallacy Test, Start essay research

HW: Highlight and Annotate Sources due Monday

Please contact me with any questions,
comments or concerns:
Blu Jacoby
(907) 966-3215