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Room 206 Kusbuk Hall
Week 26 8/31-9/5

English 1

Monday:   Planners, Organize binder, Victimproof, paragraph writing,  

Tuesday:  SSR: Victimproof, DOL, paragraph writing

Wednesday: SSR, Paragraph writing, close reads.

Thursday: SSR, Ambassador talks, DOL, finish and correct close reads

Friday: SSR, Mad libs ?, personal paragraphs, Google Classroom

Sat- Review chapter 3 of Victimproof, set goals, synchrounous editing of paragraphs

English 2 : 

Monday:  Planner, Who was Ghandi?, Read Ch 3 of Victimproof, What do Tessa Baldwin, Brett Wilcox, and Nelson Kanuuk have in common?, Kid Presidend... What can you change? 

Tuesday:Organize binders and planners, DOL, Kid Prez background story, Close read practice, hero poster/ exit slips

Wednesday: Find your own hero article (homework), Ghandi close read/ paragraph, correct paragraphs

Thursday: DOL, Close read hero articles, paragraph writing, correct paragraphs

Friday: Personal hero paragraphs, edit, revise, read to class,  Google Classroom training in comp lab.

Sat- MAP catch up day (except 2nd)

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comments or concerns:
Blu Jacoby
(907) 966-3215