How to find me....

Room 206 Kusbuk Hall
Week 12 3/30- 4/3

English 1

Monday:   SSR, check study guide, Read RJ, Ambssadors

Tuesday: New RJ study guide, Read RJ

Wednesday: DOL, Ambassadors, Quiz

Thursday: DOL, Rad, Ambassadors

Friday: Read, Grades, make up work

English 2

Monday:   Comp lab day: bonus essay work shop day (use rubrics).

Tuesday: SSR, DOL, Victimproof (chapter?), Journal

WednesdaySSR, DOL, Victimproof (chapter?), Journal

Thursday: SSR, Grade sheets, work day

FridaySSR, Grade sheets, work day

Please contact me with any questions,
comments or concerns:
Blu Jacoby
(907) 966-3215