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Room 113

Week 1        1/16- 1/20

Accelerated English 2

Monday: Growth mindset, Student mini-lessons 1984

HW: ch 1-8, current event article

Tuesday Pre-reading Socratic seminar, finish mini-lesson

Wednesday: Library presentations: bring article

HW: Socratic Seminar entry slip ch 1-8

Thursday: Ch 1-8 Socratic Seminar

Friday: 1984 quiz, Vocabulary Analogies  

English 2

Monday: "The Pedestrian," start Fahrenheit 451

HW: p.1-65 of Fahrenheit 451 and Discussion Questions, due Wed. 1/25

DOL due Tuesday

Tuesday: DOL, Vocab, Food Project

Wednesday: Word Sneak, Food Project

HW: Review literary devices; take Quizizz quiz

Thursday:  DOL, Vocab Quiz, Figurative Language Grid, Practice presentation

Friday: Posters Due; Gallery Walk

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comments or concerns:
Blu Jacoby
(907) 966-3215