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  Progress 3 ends this week!                                                 Room 206  Kusbuk Hall
Please turn in all late work by Thrusday! 
Week 4        2/1-2/5

English 1

Monday:  SSR, Warm Up, Groups organize draft essay

Tuesday: SSR, group essays; revise, and edit, use rubric to grade

Wednesday: SSR, Warm up; journal,3  groups, on poster paper will crowd source; hook ideas, claims, opposition/rebuttals. HW: Research ideas for hooks and look through materials for claim/evidence and opposition

Thursday: SSR, Complete graphic organizers/ shaping sheets for essay

Friday: SSR, Grammar Powerpoint and worksheets

English 2 : 

Monday: SSR,Warm up read and annotate, Complete planning chart on pg 82 share answers on Ziggy

Tuesday: Warm up close read 83, organize ideas pg 84 on graphic organizer, Compose essay, SSR

Wednesday:  Close Read 87-93, Brainstorm answers to questions on pg 94 in journals, SSR

Thursday:  SSR , Write Essay, Revise and edit

Friday: Grammar PowerPoint with worksheet, SSR

Please contact me with any questions,
comments or concerns:
Blu Jacoby
(907) 966-3215