Senior Lecturer
Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Eng., Monash University 

G09, 18 Alliance lane, Clayton
Melbourne, VIC

mehrtash (döt) harandi (ät) monash (döt) edu

About me

I am a senior lecturer in the department of Electrical and Computer Systems Eng. (ECSE) at Monash University. I am also a contributing research scientist at the Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG) Data61-CSIRO and an associated investigator at Australian Center for Robotic Vision (ACRV).

Before joining Monash University, I spent 5 wonderful years at Canberra Research Laboratory-NICTA, working with prof. Richard Hartley and prof. Fatih Porikli. Prior to that, I worked at Queensland Research Laboratory-NICTA with Prof. Brian Lovell.

I am interested in various aspects of learning, especially with a flavor of visual data (see my google scholar page).


    Current Students

 Mr. Samitha Herath PhD 2016↝  

 Mr. Soumava Kumar Roy PhD 2016↝  

 Mr. Yao Lu PhD 2017↝  

 Mr. Tong Zhang PhD 2017↝  

 Mr. Chritian Simon PhD 2018↝  

 Mr. Nicholas Kuo PhD 2017↝  Cosupervised with Dr. Hanna Suominen and Dr. Christian Walder

 Mr. Pengfei Fang PhD 2018↝  Cosupervised with Dr. Lars Petersson

 Ms. Yan Han PhD 2018↝  Cosupervised with Dr. Lars Petersson

    Former Students

 Dr. Masoud FarakiPhD2014↝2017 Now at Monash University

If you are interested in the
Monash doctoral program
I always look for motivated and hard-working students who are interested in doing research with me. You can read some of my papers (click here) to get a feel for the type of work that I do. I encourage students to contact me but 

You must have good mathematical and computational skills, preferably with prior experience in machine learning and/or computer vision. Strong programming skills in Matlab and Python are also necessary. When contacting me, include a copy of your academic transcripts.

International students. There are two scholarship rounds each year,  the main round closes at the end of August. If you want to apply under my supervision, you need to contact me well in-advance (say 6weeks ahead).  

This year, I do not accept interns :-(


  1. Neural Networks and Deep Learning -  Monash University 2019
  2. Advanced Engineering Data Analysis -  Monash University 2019
  3. Engineering Data Analytics -  Australian National University (2016 - 2018)
  4. Individual Project -  Australian National University 2015
  5. Signal & Image Processing II - University of Queensland (2010-2012)


  • Congratulations to Yan, Soumava and Christian for CSIRO-D61 scholarship awards
  • We are organizing a workshop (and also a challenge) on Domain Adaptation and Few-Shot Learning at ACCV'18
  • We have released the Open MIC dataset. The dataset provides challenging problems for domain adaptation and few-shot learning
  • Our work on training two-stream networks is accepted to TIP, congratulations to Wenbing
  • Our work on deep scalable subspace clustering is accepted to ACCV, congratulations to Tong
  • Our new work on domain adaptation is accepted to ECCV'18. Check the paper on arXiv
  • Serving as an area chair for ACCV'18
  • Two papers accepted to CVPR'18, congratulations to Soumava, Jing and Tong
  • Two papers accepted to TNNLS, congratulations to Masoud