Gujarati Arti

 Listen to the Gujarati Arti (Bujave Naar), composed by Meher Baba, sung by Milan Singh



...Mohan Shahane had written an arti for Baba in Marathi, which was being sung at all the gatherings. The mandali, however, wished to have an arti composed in Gujarati, and so Baba told them to write one, but none of the songs satisfied Baba.


Finally, on January 11th, 1926, Meher Baba wrote his own arti, called Bujave Naar which later became known as the Gujarati arti. (Although the Gujarati arti was composed in 1926, it was not sung often at that time.)


     Oh God, command that the fire of ignorance

          be extinguished!

     Bestow upon Your lovers the light of faith

          for which they long.


     Oh Master Meher Baba!

          We lay our heads at Your feet.

     Oh Meher Baba! You are the One who knows

          the original state of God.


     You are the Lord of Truth!

          You are the lover and Beloved in one.

     You are the torrent of Infinite Knowledge

          and the Ocean of Oneness.


     Oh Beloved, bestow upon us seekers

          the knowledge of Ezad.

     For You, Paramatma, are omniscient,

          Divine Knowledge Itself!


     Intoxicate us by making us

          drink from the cup of love divine.

     Oh Saki, promise us a cup of wine!

          We offer our lives in sacrifice to You.


     Our ship founders in mid-ocean;

          only if You steer can we remain afloat.

     Oh Meher Baba! You are our captain and protector!



LORD MEHER, Vol. 3, pp. 773-774