Mehata Sentimental Legend 
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Japanese Ritual Futuristic.
Noum Zeccyou.
Noum (2013) Hiroshi Mehata

Noum Fusuma Color Mode 1 (2013)

Noum/能夢 is...
 to unite Japanese primitive with Japanese future superfluously by using music and Artwork .
The unconscious world between the extreme of a dream, an actual boundary line that Exist in light and a shadow. like Noh.
The super-future and the super-past are the Same by this concept.
The sound and drawing pattern of a tornado noise enter in Most of the work.
Storm Sound and Drawing Pattern are Sound and Visual Symbol of Noum.
It is to remind the memory wrapped in the abstract scenery of the retina. Simultaneously, then it is for re-building the view.
In the Space that is distorted , the new sense is made to appear.

shadow Noum 2014


YouTube 動画

Mehata Hiroshi Solo Exhibitiom Opening Concert/ Gaiamamoo

Gaiamamoo Tour Spain 2013 May, November