Welcome, Frost!

Artwork ©Marta Dahlig http://blackeri.deviantart.com.  She's FTU, but she doesn't allow tubing of her work.

Supplies needed
Photoshop CS3 (or any version that animates) or PSP and animation shop.
Plugin to make PSP files work in Photoshop HERE
Eliminate white/black filters by Etsuro Endo HERE.
Tube or image of choice
Scrap kit of choice; I'm using "Almost Winter" by Pink Kitty.  You can find it HERE (make sure you grab the snowflakes, too!)
Mask by Zuzzanna, found HERE
Silver glitter animation found HERE

Before we begin, a note.  I create my tags in Photoshop, and that's the program this tutorial is written for.  However, I use tutorials written for PSP quite often, so I know it's pretty easy to convert the steps from one to another.  Give it a shot!

Let's Begin!

Make sure you've installed the plugins before you open Photoshop!

Open a new canvas 700x600.  Flood fill white.

Open the silverglitter.psd file provided.  Hide the top two layers, and select the bottom layer.  Go to Edit --> Define Pattern, and name it "Silver 1" or similar.  Now hide the bottom layer, and repeat for the second layer, then the third.  You should have 3 new patterns, one for each layer of the silverglitter file.  Close the file; you're done with it.

Open your mask.   Double click on "background" in the layer palette in order to convert the background layer to "layer 0."  Select Filter --> Transparency --> eliminate white.  Then Layer --> Matting --> Remove White Matte.  Drag and drop your mask into your canvas.

Duplicate the mask layer.

Open a paper of choice from the kit, and resize.  Drag and drop it into your canvas, position it above the first mask layer and right click on the paper in the layer palette --> Create clipping mask.  Ctrl+e to flatten when you're happy.

Open another paper from the kit and resize.  Drag and drop it into your canvas, position it above the mask layer COPY, and create clipping mask.  Ctrl+e to flatten.

Because this mask is semi-transparent, the bottom mask will show through the top a bit, giving the whole thing more depth and texture.

Choose a fairly neutral shade from your image or tube (I chose a medium blue).  Draw a rectangle on top of your mask layers.

Lower the opacity to 60%.  Go to Filter --> Blur --> Gaussian blur and set it for 15.   Add a texture overlay; I chose the crumpled paper that's a default texture included with Photoshop.

Add your image or tube to the center of the mask.  Add a drop shadow.

Choose a snowflake from the ones Pink Kitty has provided.  Resize if necessary, then drag and drop into your canvas.  Add a drop shadow #243338, 50% opacity, distance 5, spread 6, size 6.  Position, then duplicate, and position the copy.

The quote (from The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare) has 0% fill, an inner shadow the same blue as the rectangle I drew, and a 1px stroke in a lighter shade of blue.

Use a fairly simple block font for the name.  The fill color is the same shade of blue as the stroke on the quote, and the 2px stroke is the same as the inner shadow color on the quote.  Add a drop shadow.

Add your copyright info and signature of choice.

Now to animate!

Rename the top left snowflake "top left."  Duplicate twice, for a total of 3.

Rename the bottom right snowflake "bottom right."  Duplicate twice, for a total of 3.

Add a pattern overlay to the original "top left" and "bottom right" snowflakes using the "Silver 1" pattern you created earlier.

On the 1st snowflake copies, add a pattern overlay of the "silver 2" pattern.

On the 2nd snowflake copies, add a pattern overlay of the "silver 3" pattern.  Hide the 1st and 2nd copies, leaving only the original snowflakes visible.

Open the animation palette.  Set the time for ".3" and the loop to "Forever."  Duplicate the frame.

Hide the original snowflakes and unhide the 1st copies of each.  Duplicate the frame.

Hide the 1st copies of each and unhide the 2nd copies of each.  Hit "play" to preview.

To save, first save as an unflattened .psd file.  Next go to File --> Save for Web & Devices.  Use the tab to your right to resize, and hit "apply."  Hit "save" and you're done!

I'd love to see your results!  Feel free to email me at mcw717@gmail.com.  Make sure you put something like "tut results" in the subject line so I know you're not trying to sell me a dip1oma.

Written by Meg Whitlock on November 17, 2008.  Any resemblance to another tut is completely coincidental and unintentional.