Great Sites for Your Tech Backpack File conversion made easy. Create  a slideshow with sound and motion. Edit your pictures online. Ustream, your own video channel. Send large files.

Google Earth and So Much More Google Lit Trips.  Google Earth science resources. Google Earth teacher resources.  Real time weather in Google Earth.  Google Earth blog. Creating your own placemarks.  More information about Google sky. Google Sketchup Autism and Google Sketchup. Streetview in Google maps.

The camera used for streetview. Google Calendar.  Google moon.

Audio/ Video Create Comment and share audio and video. Live audio-video communication, chat, content sharing, and session recording  capabilities. Twitter communication. Record audio using your phone or VoIP, add to your blog. Virtual manipulatives. Skype. Create your own “pack”.


Social Networking Social networking about images. Library  thing, social networking about books. Join classroom 2.0. Meg’s tech camp site.