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Fun Facts

  • As a Florida girl born and raised, I love the beach! Whenever the weather is beautiful I long for sand and sun. I love just relaxing at the beach, whether playing Frisbee in the waves with my friends or lounging on a beach towel with a good book!
  • I am always taking pictures. My friends call me the unofficial historian. I have begun exploring photography as a hobby and developing my skills.
  • I love animals! I volunteered at an animal shelter for four years while in high school and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • I am an avid reader. Every year I set a goal to read a set number of new books. I especially like travel memoirs and historical fiction.
  • When I am not doing schoolwork or working, you can find me and my friends at campus events like soccer and football games, at the movies or even just outside – we love to hangout in the sun!