Coronation Ceremony

Edward and I were crowned on April 10th, AS XLIV in the Shire of Bergental. The coronation ceremony was written by Baron Ernst, based on period texts. The coronation oath in particular is based on an oath used from Edward II through Henry VIII of England.  Master Justin and I also had a hand in the ceremony. 
Unfortunately, you can't just take a period Ordo and use it verbatim in the SCA.  It needs to be altered to handle the SCA's unique structure.  References to God are de-emphasized, and the peerage structure is emphasized in their place.  Additionally, the East Kingdom has an order called the Tygers of the East.  The Tygers are considered the highest award the East Kingdom can give, and yet it is an award that carries no precedence. The Tygers of the East are utilized extensively in our ceremony to represent the Peerage Orders. 
 (photo by Cataline La Broderesse)
I have been told the ceremony was very moving. I am not sure I remember, I was a little in the zone at the time.
I am posting it here so that others can reference it for adaptation for other SCAdian coronation ceremonies.
dervish spin,
Apr 13, 2010, 10:54 AM