This is the Projects and Documentation Site of Meggie inghean Lachlainn of the Village of Lochleven, also known as the Countess of Bad Ideas.  I reside in Quintavia in the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  I have been involved in the Society for *mumble mumble* years and finally decided it was time to display some of the projects and research I have been working on.
In the SCA I have been a heavy list combatant, a seige engineer, and a scout for the Northern Army.  I currently practice the art of Rapier under Don Donovan of the East, and occasionally shoot a cross bow at targets that stand still. 
I write, read and perform period poetry and stories. Some of the stories are even true.
Oh yes, and I was Queen once.

I have two personas I have to dress for and a whole Village who needs garb. 
Someday I will put a cap on all my hobbies.