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 T.S Eliot's Special Cat Names

Animal Namesakes, Part One 

 Animal Namesakes, Part Two

People Namesakes A-L 

Need a special moniker for your special pet? Tired of relatives thinking Trixie is your wife, when it's really your dog? Want to jump start your own imagination? You're in the right place! Look around and have fun! All names are suggestions, merely triggers to fire your own creativity. Names under species specific headings will also work well for other types, so please don't feel limited by my ideas. I have known a bird, two cats, a hamster and two dogs with the name Snowball, which would be appropriate for any white pet, or conversely, for a black pet, if your mind is slanted that way. Some of the suggestions here may be listed under two or more headings .

These names have been collected from various sources, some online, over the past ten years. Truly, I have not made any of them up myself, although I am sure there are some 'made up' by owners to fit their particular pet. On a few occasions, I really do not know the meaning of a name and have left those names blank. If you know a meaning I don't, please let me know and feel free to add new names if you wish. Comments and corrections are also welcomed. Firstly, though, don't take life too seriously!