Megco For Metal

Egyptian Company

  We are a trading company leads by :-

Eng. :Abd El Fattah Hassan  Who was chairman and managing director of Egyptian ferroalloy company (EFACO) from 1992  till  2005, also he is a member of Board of  (EAID) and member of many other activities in Egypt.

We have a good communication inside and outside the country.

We are working mainly in : -  

  •  Ferroalloys 

  •  Raw Material export and import (Mn Ore, Cr Ore, Quartz and carbon materials)

  •   Aluminum Ingots (molded from ALM/C scrap)

  •  Copper Ingots (molded from copper scrap)

  •  M/ C Equipment

  •   Electrical Equipment

  •  Motor Cars spare parts 

     We are interested to be agency for this subjects and trading communication for export and import.