This is the homepage for the U2S ATmega32U2 development board.

It supports the following:

 - STK500 style bootloader
 - USB CDC ep0 management code is accessible to application.
 - Loading of custom application firmware without disturbing the other modules. (Runs at 8MHz by default)

Via modules loaded high in flash: (all will be loaded by default)

 - STK500 ISP, HVPP & HVSP programmer.
 - JTAGICE mki clone bugfix 2013/09
 - Debug Module allowing direct access to SRAM via LD/ST.
 - debugWire autobaud module + control sw planned.
 - USB to UART module.
 - Arduino support

 - Altera USB Blaster support as application firmware.

The modules currently take about 10kb leaving 22kb free for your app code.

Upgrades and additional loadable modules may be made available in future.
All new firmware modules will be free of charge.

I intend to sell this for ZAR200 (about 20 Euro).
Postage and other overheads to Europe is about 5 Euro.

Click to see larger version.

Contact me at irc.freenode.net my nick is RikusW and I'm usually in #avr.
rikusw at gmail dot com