RACE 1 PREVIEW : 10 December 2016


Instead of another track closing for good and resulting in a big loss of one of Worcester's big sporting assets and a tradition of several decades, a group of enthusiasts and supporters got together with business and saved the venue for future generations.

The Mega Oval organisation in conjunction with Agri Mega was formed to secure this venue at Kleinplasie for at least the next 10 years. A group of dedicated people got together and a deteriorating facility was reconstructed in a record time. Members had to work feverishly to put everything in place and stage a successful event before the year was out. The urgency was to prevent local competitors and even members from far away who regularly competed in Worcester, from giving up on the sport and stop them from selling their cars or parking it for dust and rust to gather.

The significance of this rescue is that several businesses and jobs is dependent from events at this venue. It is also becoming a reality that more permanent jobs has to be created to run these events successful and to manage even more events with variations or even a different nature to keep this venue profitable. Above expectations there was a record number of entries and it was fantastic to see all the major tracks in the region represented in Worcester and who could compete against each other at the venue once again.
There was a lot of excitement of seeing a big number of highly competitive drivers and cars in Worcester again and also the idea of more of it on a regular basis which is necessary for local competition to up their ante. The first event provided excellent competition and excitement for a record attendance. It could be declared one of the successful events at Kleinplasie in recent times. 

There are still some things and fine tuning that needs to be done but the most important thing is now in place, an organisation, competitors and dedicated people to take the sport forward, to grow it, adapt it or re-invent it for modern times and make it even more popular for the benefit of society. This was a day the Western Cape motor sport, it's fraternity, enthusiasts and supporters took the checkered flag and won again. It is proof that there are lots of goodwill in motor sport. Well done everyone! - Andre