Megan Rose Woolever
Strategist. Priestess. Scholar.

After 15+ years as a Customer Experience consultant as well as a Transformational Healing practitioner and Ethicist, I 
am now looking for opportunities to integrate my expertise in technology with my extensive work in 
transformational consciousness studies as a Social Change Strategist and Transformational Consciousness Counselor. I am looking to connect with people and organizations that support personal and societal transformation through consciously aware social media and social change advocacy.

My mission is to help individuals, couples, groups, and institutions elevate and evolve their work and lives to be in 
greater alignment with their highest and greatest expression, and to develop communities and institutions that 
foster that expression. 

As an academic and a shamanic practitioner, I am constantly striving to translate the world of esoteric theory into 
practical application suited for daily living. As a seasoned strategist, I have guided many Fortune 500 companies 
to clearer and more integral business practices through content and business strategy and customer experience 

The questions that guide my inquiry as a consultant and strategist are "Are the technological experiences we create 
good, useful and beautiful? Do they elevate the human experience? Do they help humans become better individuals, communities and institutions?"