Curriculum Vitae

Temple Magdalen Priestess and Healer

MA, CMT, CCHT, CPLC, PhD candidate

I have spent my life studying and practicing energy healing and spirituality in its various forms. In 2002, I began to share my healing gifts professionally, first as a Reiki Practitioner and then through massage, bodywork, energy healing, hypnotherapy, intuitive guidance and metaphysical teachings.

I am certified in a variety of modalities with over 1000 hours of training and hands on experience. I am a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Consciousness and Transformation at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and I have a Masters Degree in Ethics and Social Theory/Religion in Society from the Graduate Theological Union. 

I am a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), a Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist (CCHT), a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC), a Certified Energy Healer, and an initiated Shamanic Practitioner.

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August 2009 - present
California Institute of Integral Studies 
Ph.D. candidate, School of Consciousness and Transformation, East-West Psychology Department

East-West Psychology is a multidisciplinary program concerned with the meeting of Eastern and Western spiritual and psychological traditions, and with the implications of this convergence for a diverse and multicultural world. It provides a context in which to study and integrate the following five East-West psychological approaches: Depth Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness Studies, East-West Spiritual Counseling and Ecological Studies. The East-West Psychology program is guided by and dedicated to fostering the psycho-spiritual development of its students, thereby allowing them to discover their potential and nurture their unique individual gifts. Students receive an integral education that not only honors intellectual and scholarly excellence, but also the voice and wisdom of the imaginal, emotional, somatic, and spiritual dimensions of the person.

October 2010 - present

House of Brigh Faery Seership Institute 
Faery Seership (Celtic Shamanic) Apprenticeship

May 2011 - August 2013
Dakini Temple 
Shakta Tantra Initiation, Apprentice Tantrika

March 2012 - January 2013
Seven Sisters Mystery School 
Ordained Priestess

October 2011 - May 2012
Integrative Arts Institute 
Intimacy Counselor, The Sacred Courtesan School

June 2007 - June 2009
Modern Mystery School

  • Adept
  • Kabbalist
  • Teacher/Healer 

March 2007 - November 2007
Gateway to Conscious Evolution
Self-Evolution Program

June 2005 - June 2006
Quintessence Healing Arts in conjunction with Master Mantak Chia's Healing Tao 
Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Apprenticeship (with Tiffiny Fyans)

May 2005
Harbin Hot Springs School of Shiatsu and Massage
Energy Active Cranio-Sacral II

June 2004 – December 2006
Kay Taylor: Intuitive Guidance from the Light 

  • Intuitive Training Levels I, II & III 
  • The Evolving Self Astrology Training

February 2004 - October 2006
HCH: An Institute for Hypnotherapy and Psycho-Spiritual Trainings

  • Reiki Master Teacher Attunement
  • Hypnotherapy Certification (CHT)
  • Hypnotherapy Clinical Internship (CCHT)
  • Ministerial Ordination, Universal Life Church
  • Life Coaching for Helping Professionals (CPLC)

April 2003 - February 2004
Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing 

  • Energetic Healing Certification 
    Included: Energy Active Craino-Sacral I, Polarity Therapy, Energy healing, Advanced Meditation, Sound healing
  • Deep Body Work Specialist Certification 
    Included: Deep Tissue, Advanced Anatomy and Myofascial Release

August 2002 - December 2003
San Francisco School of Massage 

  • Zen Shiatsu Massage Certification (CMT)
  • Chi Nei Tsang Training 
  • Swedish Massage Certification (CMT)

Sept. 2002 - November 2002
Christine Patch-Lindsay, Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki I & II Attunements

July 2002
Mount Madonna Institute School of Ayurveda 
Ayurveda, the Science of Life (with Dr. Sarita Shrestha)

Dec. 2001 - May 2003
Francesca De Grandis' Third Road Celtic Shamanism 

  • Wisdom Journey
  • Rituals of Goddess Spirituality
  • Goddess Self-Initiation 

Sept. 1994 - May 1997
Graduate Theological Union 
Master of Arts, Ethics and Social Theory, Religion and Society

About Ethics and Social Theory/Religion and Society:
The study of Ethics and Social Theory combines ethics and the social sciences. It includes a focus on theological and social ethics, with attention to ethical theory and history, analysis, and policy as related to politics, health care, feminist ethics, sexual ethics, professional ethics, and environmental ethics. The area also includes the study of religion as a cultural and social phenomenon, with attention to theory, methodology, and research in related disciplines such as sociology, psychology and anthropology.





April 2015

Association for the Study of Women in Mythology

Panel presentation "Devotion, Death and Dynamism: The Many Faces of Mary Magdalene" with Dr. Margaret Merisante and April Heaslip, PhDc

"Mary Magdalen, The Female Christ"


April 2013

California Institute of Integral Studies

Paper presented at the East-West Psychology Student Symposium

"Mary Magdalen, The Female Christ"


October 2012

California Institute of Integral Studies

Lecture in collaboration with Hank Obermeyer, Ryan "Indigo" Warman, and Jonathan Levine

"Exploring Intentional Communities: ZEGG, Damanhur and Findhorn"


April 2011

California Institute of Integral Studies

Paper presented at the East-West Psychology Student Symposium

"When God Had Sex: The practice of Spirit Marriage in ecstatic spirituality"





Conscious Choices: An Evolutionary Woman's Guide to Life

Chapter 15: Deep Longing: A Sexual Evolution

Love Your Life Publishing, December 22, 2008