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The Path Of Innocence by Megan Johns
 Rating:  5 STARS from Euro-Reviews
Reviewer: Aya29

'Two innocents betrayed by trust...
Amidst the betrayals, together they journey on the road of self discovery, love and sexual awakening.... But can love exist without trust?
Superb characterization, grammatically refreshing, well written, emotionally charged and quite insightful on what drives a man or woman to be what they are and who they are, Megan Johns' "Path of Innocence" restored my faith in Romance novels like no one else could. Without a doubt, it's a MUST read!' 
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Reviewed by Stephanie Rollins

'Fiona is full of innocence. It is an innocence that haunts her. She wants to give up her virginity, yet she does not.
She is not the type of girl who gets the guys’ attention. Yes, she is pretty, but she is grounded and smart. She is not at all like the flirty, ditzy girls that guys gravitate toward. However, there just might be one guy…..'

Two 4 star reviews from BkWalkerbooks

'The Path of Innocence by Megan Johns was an excellent book. It held my interest the entire length of the story. I didn't want to put the book down.'   AND

'This novel shows readers that when Love is strong between two people that nothing , not even the cruel hands that fate delivers us can stand in the way and destroy what is there. Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase,  kept my attention, stirred emotions'

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THE PATH OF INNOCENCE is a journey of rising above one’s past, coming to find self worth, and learning to trust. The two protagonists come from completely different backgrounds, in terms of family life and social status. Yet they both struggle to find themselves and deal with idealisms of society that young adults must often face. It is a story that hinges deeply on dialogue. The largely based day-to-day occurrences and ordinary settings make for the feel of following along in a compelling documentary. Megan Johns does a wonderful job fleshing out her characters as well as portraying their emotions and struggles.
By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise   link

The Path of Innocence is a romantic novel, but not one of the run-of-the-mill variety. It is richly emotional and has depth and an understanding of the psychology of young people from very different backgrounds as they face the challenges of idealism and adulthood. Fiona comes from a supportive family whereas Roger has to put up with the emotional cruelty of his wealthy and selfish father.
The novel develops both in terms of plot and characters, is well-written, but also, and significantly, is an easy read. It makes you want to follow the next stages of the ups and downs of Fiona and Roger's struggles, their need for friendship and acceptance but also the pain they both suffer as a result of showing too much trust in those they perceive as friends.
These are often the problems of many young adults, but for Fiona and Roger the complications of their intertwined backgrounds are more than many have to cope with in a whole lifetime. But, happily, they survive. 


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