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The Overhaul Continues...


The original house color looks fairly decent in this pic. I think it's because it was low resolution. It's from the original MLS listing. It's just not "us." Too old ladyish.



 A close up before we started a bigger project than what I realized.









We are in process of painting the house. I LOVE the new color, Stone Gray for the house color and Phantom Mist for the shutters, both by Olympic. 















Yes, I know I have some landscaping to add. (All in good time!)  My perinnial ornamental grass is slowly growing in. At least it's doubled in size this summer since I've taken this picture.  






A pic from when we did our first walk-through on the house.








  A little more welcoming, don't you agree?














We also removed the mailbox from the front of the house and replaced it with a house-mounted one. Much nicer as I'm not particularly partial to the flowers on the original mailbox. lol And here is the surprise when Matt pulled out the mailbox. lmao I was expecting a ton of concrete because the previous owner had done some strange things. At least this was easier than concrete! We had a good laugh.



 I don’t have a green thumb and we bought the house when there was still snow on the ground. We knew the previous homeowner had some perennials. But I had no idea about the roses. They are everywhere!

I have two areas of climbing roses that are nearly as tall as the house. (This is the more undeveloped one.)







Back Patio Area


I nearly chopped down the small tree when we first moved in. I'm so glad I didn't. I had no idea what it was. It's a Rose of Sharon that looked gorgeous in bloom once we got the patio furniture outside.  




Various flowers in bloom. Beautiful sight through the huge livingroom window.