Revised 10/31/2016

Registration & Fees
  1. Entry fee is $375.00 per team.
  2. Checks should be made payable to your own organization (i.e. SEYO, CBO or CYC).
  3. A responsible adult over 21 years of age must be on the bench.
  4. Player or coach receiving 2 technical fouls in the same game will result in ejection from the tournament.
  5. Trash talking, taunting, and fighting will not be tolerated before, during, and after the contest. Players violating this regulation may be ejected from the contest or tournament by the tournament committee.
  6. A forfeit will result in a 1 year suspension and a forfeit fee of $300 payable by the parent organization for a team failing to show up, field five eligible players at the end of the 10 minute grace period, or playing with ineligible (non-rostered) players.
  1. The tournament roster will be the same roster as the one used during the regular season. The team must represent the league that the team played in during the regular season.
  2. The roster shall list the names of the players, birth date, grade, uniform number, and T-shirt size.
  3. The organization name, division/league and organizational colors will also be denoted on the roster along with the information of the coach or manager.
  1. Basketball uniforms or T-shirts with shorts. T-shirts worn under the uniforms have to be a similar color as the unifor and all t-shirts must be the same color. (eg. Light uniform – light t-shirt; Dark uniform – dark t-shirt).
  2. Uniforms should be reversible or alternate uniforms should be available. Home team wears light colored or white uniform.
  3. The MB-3, MB-4 and MA-5 will use a 28.5” basketball. All others will use a 29.5” basketball. Best available basketball will be used as game ball.
Playing Time
  1. Contest will be played under CIF High School rules, except for the following:
    A. 20 minute running halves. Stop time last 15 seconds of first half and last 2 minutes of the contest if the point spread is less than 15 points at the 2 minute mark. There is no shot clock.
    B. Two full and two, 30 second time-outs per contest with no carry-overs into overtime. One time-out for the first overtime period. No time-outs will be allowed in the second overtime period.
    C. First overtime will be 2 minutes, stop time, beginning with a jump ball. If a second overtime period is needed, the team scoring first will be declared the winner. Jump ball will also begin the second overtime period.
  2. Each player listed on the scoresheet must play 5 continuous minutes per half. Playing time will be rounded up to the nearest minute. Violation of playing time will result in a contest forfeit.
  3. Teams must be ready to play as scheduled; a 10 minute grace period is allowed.
  4. Free throw line for MA-5 and older will be the regulation free throw line with MA-5 being allowed to cross over on the follow through; however, shooter cannot take an unfair rebounding advantage.
  5. Free throw line for MB-3 & MB-4 will be 3 feet in front of the regulation free throw line with MB-3 being allowed to cross the line on follow through; however, shooter cannot take an unfair rebounding advantage.
  6. 3-point shot is allowed in all divisions where the court is permanently marked.
MB-3 & MB-4 Division
  1. No backcourt press, 2 warnings will be given and then a technical foul will be assessed. Technical fouls are 2 shot fouls, player foul & a team foul.
  2. 10 second back court rule applies and count will resume after a time-out.
  3. Last 2 minutes of second half and with point spread less than 15, ball must be passed into front court after a time out.
  4. Players must line up in front of free-throw shooter. The free-throw shooter and 4 players (2 from each team) are allowed to line up.
General Rules
  1. No food or drinks will be allowed in the gyms with the following exception: water for the players.
  2. All teams are responsible for collecting, removing and disposing their trash.
  3. No smoking or alcohol on the school campuses.
  4. No skateboards, skate shoes or “heelies” allowed in gym
  5. The Megalopolis Tournament Committee will review and make decisions on all circumstances.
  6. No dogs, cats or pets are allowed on school grounds.