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Ms. Cynthia Suelto Gavile is a direct selling expert who used to work as a corporate accountant for RFM.
Her entrepreneurial skills was further honed when she transferred to Fil-Estate Group of Companies– her
record of10 billion in sales remains unbeaten up to this day.When the real estate industry experienced a
downturn after the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the World Trade incident in 2

001, she decided to shift to direct selling business. It was in direct selling that she discovered a very potent yet
very expensive wellness product coming from USA. The product was sold in bulk. Like switching on a light bulb,
an idea was born out of Cynthia’s mind. She contacted a laboratory so that she can sell the wellness product in
capsule form. She knew well that the Philippines is a predominantly retail market and the product therefore had
the best chance of selling in retail, which means selling it in capsule form.

When she noticed the strong repeat order, she decided to source the raw materials and in the process, she got a better
and cheaper source. She decided to create a brand name, registered it with BFAD, and had it toll processed. She named
it after the acronym of the Company she formed with several investors, the Filipino Entrepreneurs Network Inc., which is also
as FERN-C. Ms. Gavile firmly believes that Vitamin C in “sodium ascorbate” form is a must for everyone. And because everybody
must take it, the product has an unlimited potential.

Now, she recently formed Mega Entrepreneurs Global Alliance Corporation with the young and vibrant investors found herein.
MEGA Corp has an improved marketing plan, improved product in capsules. And looking forward, the company will introduce
other products variants – the sodium ascorbate for kids, like the flavored sachets and chewables.

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