My letter to people visiting this site written on 8th of May 2014

Galaxia The Stories of Illusion is a story about adventure and fantasy mixed with some witty Polish humour that can make even the most bizzare things seem perfectly normal, if you're a fan of anime and an all out of control imagination, lf you need some hope in life and are boored with the official Hollywood propaganda and the lies of the Polish Media industry controlled by the ATM corporaton, this work of fiction is for you I dedicate this and the Blaze Master to all people everywhere that feel opressed by the capitalistic money industry that tries to control and opress individul spiritulity... I promise to tacle certain issues and to show objectivity but since Im just a single person I cannot fight this war alone , in order to create a true movement centered on freedom of artistic expression I need you're help, so write and create and do not be discouraged by the Official Industry that tried to make me stop writing. I would love to dedicate this work to all the Poles ,but since my country is controlled and manipulated by the Western World, my fantasy is beeing rejected as something dangerous to the interests of the minority that controls the financial institutions,and while llike everybody else living in this country we know the names. I find it really un-necessary to become Edward Snowden of the Eastern Europe, as his"sacrifice" proved nothing and he only jeopardized a good opportunity at monitoring the enemies in theire own base. Loosing strategic importance and discarding informtions that were no secret to anyone using the internet, or having basic understanding on what servers do and how the industry operates. I choose to let others fight this dirty war and devote my self to pursuit of artistic values and restoring the true Polish spirituality that was opressed by an over one thousand years old Catholic regime, brought to this beautifull slavic lands, by the remnants of the Roman empire. Mine or our only true goals is not political domination but instead restoring the culture to its roots , so that written words will for the first time be written by the people for the people, Im neither a profesor or a renown academic, but Im capable of independent scientific work, that ventures in area's official science fears to thread on. The goal of humanity is to eventually know the truth about God and understand his work, and while not having a perfect glance I can offer and share everything that was possible for me to learn... I try to do this in an attractive form of story telling rather than using complex philiosophical treaties, that cannot show the practicality of these new theoris or the exact tools that could be implemented into bringing it into our reality. Writing about God is fun and it should be fun and true spirituality is a joyous communion that dosen't require fear of any punishments. By my fictional stories I show the workings and psychological settings of all the participitant letting you as the reader to judge whether the characters potrayed in the story represent light or darkness.. A final word to Ukrainians both living in Poland and in Ukraine, divisions are the worst thing that can happen to a nation., you who fought for you're own indipendence shouldn't be lectured by neither the Russian nor the European Union, is free Ukraine merell a puppet goverment? The Ukrainians should resolve to be neutral and to expell the minority that is responsible for the bloodshead and death of innocents, these that create divisions are to be blamed for the fall of Ukraine and do not trust politicians that betrayed you once.....Best Wishes to  the People of Poland,Russia,China,Iraq,Iran,Philipines,Indonesia,Honkong,Korea,North Korea,Malaysia,USA,Hawai,Japan,India,Pakistan,Mexico,Argentina,Vatican XD ,EU and Ukraine and the best wishes to the entire human population. We are in this tremendous work together as allies and not enemies, regardless of the hopes of the Capitalistic System. We will not fail in building a new spiritual civilisation. 

God Bless as all we  are one tribe , one nation  !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Utwórz swoją wizytówkę Ok First little introducion ok I won't reveal who am I but that's not important I will introduce you to the name Megacivilisation !

Believe it or not, theres a very advanced interstellar civilization located somewhere in the multiverse, this advanced civilization was created billions of eons ages before man kind was born, its the world of our premodial  ancestors  living beeings that evolved so powerfully that they could defeat even death by shear power of will. This civilization was created by the very ancestors of all beeings  the ones were used to reffering as celestial beeings ,these  ancestors who existed only as floating  conciouness, aware of theire sentity  formed throught dividing the core of our world, the civilization Im reffering is the powerfull network they formed after dividing to share theire thoughts, as the  realm of the thoughts was the only realm in existence its slowly formed information, this information became a part of the world we know and live in  now,in time most of these beeings evolved adopting the different skins of the world and forming elitistic  form of culture known as the universal, they who were formed from the single core the absolute and beeing its clear manifestation divided into soul groups reffered to as the collective conciousness,these collectives became a powerfull force that controls and manipulates the events in the all multiverse by different means, the Collectives and theire representants engage in the contest of power in a secret shows of might, skill and wisdom in a well devised Battle Royalle game of Gods, angels and other spiritual and supernatural entites some reffer to this battle game as the Eternal War.Each of the newly created worlds ads new collectives to the original taking the part in that battle royale,soon a new form of organization intent on protecting the private affairs of these material beeings that fear to loose theire wealth and influence by the immense freedom that can be bestowed by the gods or the collectives with the vain ambition on keeping the population un-aware of the true nature of reality and under the pretense of controling money appears its member reffered to by the form of theire work as the whores form a structure that bears the name of the System. The system's ambition in joining the war is to destroy the spiritual civilization and control the worlds via material opression. Joining the game the System  whores have copied the designs of the collectives creating a Goddess of Whoredom and Money called Matrimona Del System ,who's numerous incarnations try to ensure that the worlds are rulled with an iron fist made of gold and silver, and by the so called leaders of the worlds. This causes the collectives to join in power and use the power of the absolute, to embode selected beeings with the knowledge far beyound the normal one and to make them architects of the universe, a weapon against the system whores, and bearers of the spiritual knowledge. Warriors that play the battle royalle in the name of the absolute itself.