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Status Effects

This page will show all the ways you can inflict various positive and negative status effects, the jobs with access to these effects, the chance they have to work, and the earliest you can take advantage of these.

Note: This guide uses GBA enemy names for simplicity. Use this page to find the appropriate enemy name for other versions.

Note for Beastmasters: I will include Catch/Release but not Control since Control is situational to the fight that enemy is in (exception: Beneficial Status Effects that last after battle, such as Float).

[!Ability] - Use said ability to access spell or attack. Only jobs that primarily use that ability will be listed, though obviously other jobs with that ability equipped can also access the effects.
[Weapon] - A weapon that has a chance of inflicting the status effect.
[Armor] - An armor that gives the mentioned buff when equipped.
[Enemy Spell] - Only cast by enemies. Usually only Beastmasters will have access to these.
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