Welcome to our staff inquiry into Turkey.  This year we welcome back many returning international and local staff as well as those, like myself, who are new to MEF and the country of Turkey. As we are an inquiry school, we will be reflecting on the question, how can we continue to improve as an inquiry school? So, what better way, than become inquirers ourselves and delving into the culture and history of our country of residence/citizenship to learn something new. As you follow our webquest, pay attention to what triggers your personal inquiry, reflect on your learning process and how you learn best. Our first step is to remember what it is like to be a learner and what strikes our curiosity.

Follow the webquest process to guide your inquiry. All of us can find out something new about Turkey and support each other in our journey. I challenge our local staff to delve into something that has always peaked their interest. What have you always wondered about Turkey? Answer each other's questions, volunteer to be interviewed, let's get to know each other as we learn about Turkey. 

This template was created by Patricia McGee and Deborah Claxton from the work of Bernie Dodge.