Brag Page

This where we get to brag on our Baby.
  • To start it off, Xander has the sweetest, softest, cutest, most adorable face a dog could have. Even the people that are not that fond of dogs just love Xander.
  • To list all the qualities a therapy dog should have, Xander has them all plus more. He warms the hearts of young and old. That is Xander. 
  • Xander's first accomplishment was to pass Beginning obedience class with about 20 sighted dogs. Momma wore a bell attached to her pant leg to keep him by her side. It wasn't long after that he could just listen to her foot steps and heel beside her.
  • Three weeks after that he passed his AKC Canine Good Citizenship test.
  • Marcie went on line and proceeded to pass the Pet Partners(R) to make Xander a therapy dog. When it was time for both of them to be tested, they passed without a glitch. I still remember this one test where the tester was acting like she was hurting & groaning. Xander quietly walked  over to the lady and so very gently gave her a kiss the cheek that said, "it's OK, I am here to comfort you."
  • Just recently at a Christmas party Xander did it again. Here is how it went. Xander was at a strange house with about 20 people there. Of course that didn't bother him. But there was this 5 month old baby there. I brought Xander up to her. She grab both his ears pulled him to her face and proceeded to suck on his face. Xander true to his nature let her do it with complaint.  When she let go Xander didn't back up, which I expected, but just stayed there to get more love. When he knew she was done he moved on to the next adventure.
  • I would like to start off with saying that Xander is more than just a Therapy Dog. Last Jan. Marcie Xander's Mom had fell into a Diabetic Coma and ended up in the hospital. She is find now but she has to watch her blood sugar levels closely. We notice a few month ago that Xander was picking up on Macie's high or low sugar levels. So now Xande is training to be Marcie's Service dog also. Well today we was at local restaurant with Xander and he was alerting to us that Macie's sugar level was not right. So Marcie checked her sugar level and it was in the 60's. That boy is surely a Wonder Dog for All.

Xander Retrieving Toy Duck

Xander hving no eyes has not stopped him from having fun like the big dogs. If they can retreives Ducks so can I.