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P.O. Box 56186,  3305  LIMASSOL  CYPRUS www.meetmecyprus.com

Email: meetme@cytanet.com.cy 

Phone Number: 99465653


The most ancient and pioneer, social office of acquaintances of marriage «LUCKY CHANCE» began as THE CENTRE OF ACQUAINTANCE OF SINGLE INDIVIDUALS and offered its services from 1970 until 1986 for free, when it changed its name to «LUCKY CHANCE» .

The intense need to search for suitable partners for marriage led to the need of publishing a pioneer, monthly and free newspaper which included Small Announcements with a commercial and social content.

On 1.1.1987, the first edition of the newspaper was published with the name «LUCKY CHANCE» and included many topics regarding sales, social fields and other, and of course the pioneering pages including serious advertisements of marriage which aimed to find suitable individuals, equitably, fast and secretly, aiming to the union with the bonds of marriage between the individuals asking the office’s help.   

The office’s efforts continued its upgrade in 1989, when the first single music hall called «ESPERIDES» started operating in Limassol.

The office’s continuous efforts leaded to the collaboration of the office’s owner with the free radio, by making broadcasts on two radio stations, one in Paphos belonging to Mr. Pentaras, and the other one in Nicosia, called radio Karavas. Various social topics were discussed on one of the broadcasts, while the other one included many radio games and gifts. In addition, the owner of the office was interviewed many times by various radio and television stations. 

The office «LUCKY CHANCE» respects the particularity of each person and functions with gravity, 100% confidentially, with discretion and responsibly.

The office always keeps in its heart the happiness of each couple, like a priceless treasure.