Particle systems and PDE's

This is a first meeting on particle systems and PDE's to be held at the Centre of Mathematics (CMAT) of the University of Minho at 5,6 and 7 December 2012.The idea of the meeting is to get together researchers from two different areas of mathematics, namely Particle Systems and Partial Differential Equations and to present recent scientific results in both areas. The goal of the meeting is to present to a vast and varied public and even to young researchers, the subject of Interacting Particle Systems, its motivation from Physics and the impact of its results in the area of Physics and its relation with the subjects of PDE’s. This will elucidate and highlight the interdisciplinary nature of mathematics and bring us the possibility to attract young students to dedicate to a scientific career on these subjects. 

It is our pleasure to announce that there will be
Proceedings of the event to be published by Springer. You can find more information here.

Date: December 5-7, 2012.

Place: Universidade do Minho, Campus de Gualtar, Braga, Portugal.

Contacts: please send an e-mail to the address or contact the organizing

Financial Support: provided by FCT through the
research project "Non-equilibrium statistical physics"
PTDC/MAT/109844/2009 and CMAT through the
project PEst-C/MAT/UI0013/2011.

Attendance is free but needs registration.


Scientific committee
Pablo Ferrari (UBA, Argentina)
Felipe Linares (IMPA, Brazil)
Maria Conceição Carvalho
(FCUL, Portugal)

Organizing committee:

Patricia Gonçalves (CMAT) (Chair coordinator)
Mahendra Panthee (CMAT)
Ana Jacinta Soares (CMAT)

Invited speakers

Cedric Bernardin (ENS Lyon, France)
Claudio Landim (IMPA)
Cristina Toninelli (CNRS Paris 6 and 7, France)
Diogo Gomes (IST, Portugal)

François Golse (École Polytechnique France)
Filipe Carvalho (CMAT)
Gideon Amir (
Bar- Ilan University)
M. Conceição Carvalho (Lisbon University, Portugal)
M. João Oliveira (CMAF, Portugal)
Marielle Simon (UMPA, Lyon, France)
Marton Balazs (Budapest University, Hungary)
Milton Jara (IMPA, Brazil)
Patrik Ferrari (Bonn University, Germany)
Simone Calogero (Granada University)
Stefano Olla (University Paris-Dauphine, France)
Sunder Sethuraman (Arizona University, USA)
Tertuliano Franco (University of Bahia, Brazil)
Valeria Ricci (
University of Palermo, Italy)